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From solar-powering disconnected communities with our home grown remotely managed Smart Grid Technology,  to providing turnkey renewable energy solutions for the agricultural, residential and commercial sectors throughout Africa, Specialized Solar Systems has the perfect solar energy solution for your every need.

After more than a decade of carefully evaluating renewable generation efficiencies we still test, test and test every component in our energy lab.  We only supply our customers with African-proven solar generation systems from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Plan your move to energy liberation today.

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Specialized Solar Systems has several key areas that we focus on. These are:

  • The RESIDENTIAL sector.
  • The COMMERCIAL sector.
  • The AGRICULTURAL sector.
  • SMARTGRID electrification for areas with no Eskom power.
  • ENERGY SYSTEM design and manufacture.

Residential Solar Solutions

At Specialized Solar Systems our in-house experts will advise you about all the available solar solution options to cater for your immediate energy needs and future requirements.  We can offer you a range of energy systems, including backup, hybrid, grid-tie and off-grid solutions, specifically designed and pre-programmed to offer you a compact and contemporary energy solution, tailored to your energy requirements.

We can also offer you modular energy systems and storage, so that you can ‘grow’ your energy system over time as your budget allows or as your needs change.

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Commercial Solar Solutions

Making the investment in a sustainable solar solution not only significantly reduces your business carbon footprint, but you will be making a real and measurable positive change for the planet and transforming the profitability and branding credentials of your business, thereby gaining a competitive edge by showing your commitment to sustainability.

Specialized Solar Systems’ dedicated commercial solar solutions team will carefully examine your energy profile and work within your financial goals to present the most appropriate and optimal commercial solar powered offerings available with ongoing support.

It makes sense to work with a reliable and experienced installation partner with an established track record that Specialized Solar Systems confidently offers the commercial sector.

Agricultural Solar Solutions

At Specialized Solar Systems our team of renewable energy experts will offer you the latest proven solar solutions to meet your budget and energy goals.

We will carefully guide you through the available solar system options for your farm’s energy needs from thoroughly evaluating your historical and current energy consumption data and future requirements.

Once we take you through all the possibilities, costs, savings, installation time and capitalization performance, we are quite certain it will make perfect financial sense to go with solar energy. We will also assist you with SSEG applications if required.

Smartgrid Electrification

A world first – utility-based integrated solar energy solution now fully operational with over 10 000 managed solar homes, offering a variety of remotely managed energy & payment solutions.

“With over 50 000 solar home systems manufactured by Specialized Solar Systems,  we are still only in the beginning stages of an incredible journey – both humbling and exciting – to bring sustainable, renewable, affordable, off-grid solar energy into the estimated 600 million non-electrified homes in Africa [source: World Bank]: fast-tracking job creation, infrastructure, communication, water purification, education, entertainment, possibilities, hope …and a better standard of living for all.”

Jonathan Hodgson (CEO)

Smartgrid Electrification

“I’ve waited 24 years for lights in my home…
24 years in darkness… when they arrived and
told us they would give us power.

We didn’t believe them.

Three weeks later, the sun went down,
and we switched on our lights.”

DCGO provides efficient, accessible off-grid solar energy solutions to currently unserved customers and communities. Our energy solutions are available to our customers through affordable and adaptive Pay-As-You-Go packages which range from basic lighting to a full suite of low energy, direct current (DC) appliances available from DCGO.

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