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Genevafontein chooses sustainable power solutions

Genevafontein Retirement Village is located in the attractive suburb of Denver Park, George, in the Western Cape. The Village is situated on a north facing slope with outstanding views of the Outeniqua Mountains. It is a well established and beautifully maintained garden village, consisting of 91 units, a Community Centre and a Frail Care facility.

Genevafontein Retirement Village faced the formidable challenge of tackling energy-related issues, similar to a previous installation (Generator vs Solar: Tuiniqua’s Smart Shift Towards Sustainable Power) where they grappled with the high costs associated with diesel generators. Their frail care unit and daily operations were vulnerable to power disruptions and escalating electricity expenses. Genevafontein sought an alternative that would ensure uninterrupted power for their crucial operations, notably for their frail care unit.

Enter the Specialized Solar Systems commercial division and I Grene Solutions with an innovative design and installation. The design includes an AC-DC-coupled commercial solar system offering a multi-faceted sustainable power solution that directly addresses Genevafontein’s energy concerns.

This system is projecting a substantial reduction of 6.74 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

The Genevafontein commercial hybrid solar power system consists of the following components:

System Design and Installation: Specialized Solar Systems in collaboration with I Grene Solutions.

  • Inverter (kVA): The system is equipped with 45 kVA Victron Quattro hybrid inverters from Victron Energy for seamless power supply and a 27 kVA grid-tie Fronius inverter for efficiency.
  • PV Array (kWp): A robust 38.8 kWp PV array, consisting of 72 high-performance 540 W PV solar panels, generates substantial clean energy.
  • Average Solar Yield Expectancy (kWh): With an impressive annual yield of 62.66 MWh, equivalent to 171.6 kWh per day, the system ensures a consistent energy supply.
  • Storage (kWh): A 60 kWh Freedom Won lithium battery offers reliable energy storage, effectively bridging the gap between energy generation and consumption.
  • Solar Charge Controller (MPPT): The setup features a single 450/200 SmartSolar MPPT charge controller, ensuring optimal solar power utilization with advanced MPPT technology for efficient energy harvesting.
  • Lifespan: The PV solar panels are designed to operate at 80% efficiency for 25 years, while the lithium battery is expected to last over 16 years, surviving more than 5,500 charge cycles at an 80% depth of discharge.
  • Expected System Break Even (Capitalization): Genevafontein can expect to recover their initial investment in the system within 7-8 years, emphasizing the long-term financial benefits.

The result? Genevafontein now enjoys a dependable solar power and storage solution for their frail care unit and daily operations. This innovative solar system not only provides substantial energy cost savings but also enhances energy security, ensuring that power disruptions (loadshedding) are no longer a concern. Furthermore, it reduces their energy dependency on traditional sources, aligning with their sustainability goals and securing a bright and reliable energy future for Genevafontein. Their commitment to sustainable power solutions is evident in the transformative impact of their innovative solar system.

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