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Address: 43 Ossie Urban Street, Tamsui Industria, George, 6529, South Africa
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Specialized Solar Systems Installs a Home Hybrid Home Solar System in George

Thanks to the installation efforts of our residential teams and their latest hybrid solar power system, house installation in George, another satisfied customer enjoys energy independence and cost savings.

This solar hybrid power system features quality hardware using Victron Energy and our own Storagdock range, The system includes a 4.3 kWp solar panel array that produces an average of 19.4 kWh per day in George. It incorporates a 10 kVA (2 x 5 kVA Multiplus II) inverter that combines a 150/85 MPPT Solar Charge Controller. Two Storagedock ES5K lithium batteries manufactured at Specialized Solar Systems provide a backup storage capacity of 10 kWh.

At Specialized Solar Systems we take pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional service and high-quality products. At the end of the day, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we are delighted to have yet another satisfied customer in George!

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More about the system:

  • System design and installation: Specialized Solar Systems
  • System type: Residential Hybrid Solar System
  • Application: Energy cost savings and energy security
  • Inverter (kVA): 2 x 5 kVA Multiplus II inverters
  • PV array (kWp): 4.3 kWp (8 x 540W PV panels)
  • Average solar yield expectancy (kW): 19.4 Whr/day
  • Storage (kW): 10 kWh from 2x ES5K batteries
  • PV Solar panels: 25 years @80%/ 80%; battery: >16 years (>5 500 cycles) expected life at 80% DoD
  • Expected system break even (Capitalization): 5 years

Discover the remarkable advantages of Specialized Solar Systems’ Hybrid solar power systems:

Efficient Battery Charging: When your PV solar panels fall short of powering your daytime needs and charging your batteries, our hybrid solar system steps in. It effortlessly replenishes your batteries from the grid, potentially capitalizing on the cost-effective off-peak electricity rates.

Cost-Efficient Peak Management: During periods of heightened national electricity demand, grid providers like Eskom tend to levy higher rates. Our hybrid systems come to your rescue with a smart solution called “peak lopping.” This feature lets you tap into your stored battery power to balance your electricity consumption, potentially leading to significant cost savings.

Enhanced Grid Compatibility: If your grid connection lacks the capacity to meet your energy demands, our hybrid solar system seamlessly supplements your power requirements. This ingenious solution may spare you the burden of expensive property electrical supply upgrades.

Energy Security and Independence: With Specialized Solar Systems’ hybrid solar systems, you gain a substantial boost in energy security and self-sufficiency. Plus, you’ll have the power to lock in your current electricity rates, granting you greater control over when to harness solar energy while ensuring a steady and uninterrupted electricity supply.

Our Hybrid solar power systems from Specialized Solar Systems empower you to maximize your solar energy potential, effectively manage peak electricity costs, fortify your grid connection, and take full control of your energy consumption and expenses. Elevate your energy game with us!

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