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Generator vs Solar: Tuiniqua’s Smart Shift Towards Sustainable Power

Explore Tuiniqua Care Centre's triumph in the generator vs solar challenge, ultimately choosing solar for superior energy solutions.

Tuiniqua Care Centre has been serving the elderly in George for over 30 years, offering affordable housing and care. Since its start in 1984, it’s been a non-profit, ensuring accessibility for all. Over the years, Tuiniqua has expanded and become an integral part of the George community.

Tuiniqua faces challenges related to energy costs, energy security, and energy dependency. These issues affect their day-to-day operations and, more critically, their frail care unit’s reliability. They resolved this by using a diesel generator, but the increasing costs of fuel and maintenance were very high, amounting to a significant financial burden. Additionally, load shedding was also a problem, further complicating their power supply challenges and escalating fuel costs. 

They approached Specialized Solar Systems’ commercial division to compare the advantages of generators vs solar and determine if there was a solution that would be cost-effective for these issues. 

The team at Specialized Solar Systems conducted a comprehensive analysis of the energy profile of Tuinqua Old Age Home, ensuring alignment with the care center’s financial objectives. They meticulously assessed the current energy consumption needs, considering the sun radiation factor specific to the George area, and took into account relevant municipal regulations.

They delivered a bespoke commercial hybrid solar power solution that not only met but exceeded the essential energy requirements of Tuinqua Old Age Home.

Tuiniqua’s hybrid solar power system consists of the following components:

  • System Type: The Tuiniqua system is an AC-DC-coupled commercial solar power system, combining the benefits of both couplings to meet the specific energy requirements of the facility.
  • Inverter (kVA): The system utilizes 90 kVA hybrid inverters, made up of 6 x 15 kVA Victron Energy Quattro’s and a 27 kVA grid-tied Fronius Eco inverter, ensuring a reliable power supply.
  • PV Array (kWp): The solar system features a 56.16kWp array, consisting of 104 high-efficiency 540W PV panels. This substantial capacity harnesses the energy from the sun effectively.
  • Average Solar Yield Expectancy (kW): The system is expected to generate an average of 89.87 MWh of electricity per year, equivalent to 246.2 kWh per day. This robust solar yield ensures a consistent energy supply.
  • Storage (kWh): To store excess energy and provide backup power, a 100 kWh, with 80 kWh being usable, Freedom Won lithium (LiFePO4) battery has been integrated into the system. This battery offers reliability and an expected lifespan of over 16 years, with more than 5,500 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge (DoD).
  • Solar Charge Controllers (MPPT): The configuration includes two 450/200 SmartSolar MPPT charge controllers and one 450/100 SmartSolar MPPT charge controller. These controllers maximize solar energy extraction, employing advanced MPPT technology for enhanced efficiency.
  • PV Solar Panels and Battery Lifespan: The PV solar panels come with a 25-year warranty, ensuring longevity and sustained performance. The battery’s expected life of over 16 years further secures the system’s reliability.
  • Expected System Break Even (Capitalization): Tuiniqua can anticipate a system capitalization break-even within 7-8 years.
  • Location: Tuiniqua Old Age Home is located in George, a region with abundant sunshine, making it an ideal location for a solar power solution.

Specialized Solar Systems is actively monitoring and optimizing the system as part of the installation package for the first year. This ongoing attention ensures that the solar system maintains peak performance, providing sustainable benefits for years to come.

The installation of this system has equipped Tuiniqua with a reliable backup solution for their frail care unit and day-to-day operations. It effectively addresses concerns about energy costs, enhances energy security, and reduces dependency on conventional power sources. This transition establishes solar as the clear victor in the generator vs. solar debate, ultimately ensuring the seamless functioning of their facility.

In conclusion, the Tuiniqua solar power system, meticulously designed and installed by Specialized Solar Systems, successfully addressed the client’s energy-related challenges.

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