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Sustainable Power for De Gift Boerdery

In the heart of Riebeek Wes, Western Cape, De Gift Boerdery has embarked on a journey toward energy sustainability and self-reliance. As a leading agricultural enterprise, they have chosen to embrace renewable energy by investing in a cutting-edge 3-phase commercial hybrid solar system, expertly designed and installed by the Specialized Solar Systems commercial team. This remarkable system, designed to reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs, represents a significant step forward in the agricultural sector.

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Hybrid Solar System Overview:

Powering the Future: The backbone of this ambitious project is a 300kVA inverter system comprised of two robust Atess HV HPS 150kVA inverters. These powerful inverters seamlessly integrate into the farm’s existing infrastructure, ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted energy supply.

Solar Harvest: De Gift Boerdery’s 316.8KWp photovoltaic (PV) array boasts 555W and 545W Canadian solar panels. With an average daily solar yield expectancy of 1200 kWh, they are harnessing the abundant sunlight of the Western Cape to reduce their dependence on the grid.

Energy Storage: Three Freedom Won HV 100/80 LiFeP04 batteries, with a total storage capacity of 300kW, provide a robust energy storage solution. With 240 kW of usable energy, De Gift Boerdery can optimize their energy usage to meet their unique agricultural power requirements.

Longevity Assured: Specialized Solar Systems has taken great care in designing a system built to last. The 25-year life expectancy of the PV solar panels at 80% linear output ensures consistent performance. In addition, the inverters come with an extended 10-year warranty, and the batteries are expected to last over a decade, making this a reliable and sustainable investment.

Break Even and Beyond: With a projected capitalization break-even point of just 6-7 years, De Gift Boerdery is not only investing in a greener future but also ensuring cost savings in the long run. The 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on the batteries provides peace of mind and long-term reliability.

This system is projecting a substantial reduction of 3.54 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

This partnership between De Gift Boerdery and Specialized Solar Systems exemplifies the forward-thinking approach of South African agricultural businesses. By embracing renewable and sustainable power solutions and capitalizing on the abundant natural solar resources of the Western Cape, De Gift Boerdery is not only reducing its carbon footprint but also securing a more sustainable and cost-effective future.

In this endeavor, Specialized Solar Systems has proven that innovation and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand. Together, they are not just cultivating crops but also cultivating a brighter, greener future for South African agriculture.

System overview:

  • System design and installation: Specialized Solar Systems
  • System type: 3-phase commercial (agricultural) Hybrid solar system connected to Eskom and generator backup
  • Inverter (kVA): 300 kVA total. 2 x Atess HV HPS 150kVA
  • PV array (KWP): 316.8 kWp (555w and 545w Canadian Solar panels)
  • Average solar yield expectancy (kWh/day): 1200kWh per day Average
  • Storage (kW): 300kW stored, 240kW usable from 3 x Freedom won HV 100/80 LiFePo4 batteries
  • Life expectancy: PV solar panels: 25 years @ 80% linear output/inverters extended warranty
    to 10 years, battery > 10 years, expected life at 80% DOD, 10-year manufacturers warranty
  • Expected system break-even (capitalization): 6-7 years

At Specialized Solar Systems, we are dedicated to offering our clients highly efficient and reliable hybrid energy solutions that save money and reduce environmental impact. Our solar systems are designed to maximize your energy savings and return on investment, ensuring seamless integration with grid power and backup solutions.

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