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Groot Zorg Fontein: A Green Energy Makeover in South Africa

57.2 kWp array at Groot Zorg Fontein

Groot Zorg Fontein, located in the Western Cape, South Africa, recently underwent a sustainable energy transformation. With a 57.2 kWp grid-tie system facing challenges, the project addressed client concerns and revamped its energy setup.

The client faced issues with an old generator and an inefficient grid-tie system lacking logging capacity.

To tackle this, our commercial team removed an outdated inverter, re-stringed the 57.2 kWp array, and integrated new components for improved efficiency.

The system now features a 45kVA Victron inverter, dual MPPTs, a 100/80 Freedom won battery, and a Fronius Eco 27kVA inverter.

The revamped system annually produces 87.67 MWh, contributing to sustainability goals. With a payback period of 5 years and a 20-year lifespan, it’s both economically and environmentally beneficial, saving 63 tons of CO2 a year.

Groot Zorg Fontein showcases the success of a simple and efficient green energy makeover, providing a reliable power source while contributing to a cleaner, greener South Africa.

LocationWestern Cape
System typeGrid-tie system
Inverter typeFronius
Panel mount positionIBR & Corrugated roof top covering 36m x 30m
Problems faced by ClientThe client had an old generator, did have logging capacity, together with inadequacy of the existing grid-tie system
Solution providedRemoved larger Solis grid-tie inverter and re-string the 57.2 kWp array to suit inclusion of new & modern components
System description45kVA Victron three Phase, MPPT’s (2×450/200), 100/80 Freedom Won battery, Fronius Eco 27kVA
System annual energy production (MWh)87.670
System Payback Period (Years)5.193
System lifespan (Years)20
Annual Carbon dioxide (CO2) savings (tons)63.122

Some images of the installation:

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