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Commercial Solar Solutions

Making the investment in a sustainable solar solution not only significantly reduces your business carbon footprint, you will be making real and measurable positive change for the planet and transforming the profitability and branding credentials of your business, thereby gaining a competitive edge by showing your commitment to sustainability. “


Discover the future of sustainable energy solutions with Specialized Solar Systems.

Our team has been designing and installing advanced commercial solar systems throughout South Africa for many years. Our innovative products and cutting-edge technology ensure that your business can reap the benefits of clean energy and cost savings. Make the smart choice for your business and invest in a commercial solar energy system with Specialized Solar Systems.

With the numerous advantages of solar, you won’t regret it!

Solar Synergy: Business Meets Sustainability

Explore our solar-powered commercial projects in these articles. Uncover how the sun not only fuels our enterprises but also showcases the cost-effectiveness and grid independence of a range of solar systems, including AC coupling, grid-tied coupling, and DC coupling. With these technologies, we’re nurturing a more sustainable and self-sufficient future for businesses.

    Solar array of a 229.6 kWp grid-tied commercial installation completed in George, the garden route

    There are also substantial tax benefits by making use of solar energy.

    Image of 100 kWp Solar panels array of a grid-tied commercial installation completed for Mungo Mills in Plettenberg Bay, the Garden Route

    Up to 100% savings on daytime electricity costs with renewable energy

    Protect your business against foreseeable increases in utility prices with solar energy

    Custom Designed Commercial Solar Solutions

    Specialized Solar Systems’ dedicated commercial solar solutions team will carefully examine your energy profile and work within your financial goals to present the most appropriate and optimal solar solution for your business. 

    We will consider your current energy usage, the sun radiation factor for your area, the area of the installation and the applicable municipal and national legislation and will then provide you with an accurate predicted energy production value and the optimal system design to meet your commercial energy requirements. 

    Our installation team will install your system, conforming to all the national standards and regulations, and training will be provided so that you can manage your new solar system (even remotely if you prefer) to maintain peak performance for years to come.

    Why Choose Solar for Your Business?

    Save Money

    Installing a commercial solar system will not only decrease your electricity costs but will also protect you from the ever increasing price of grid power. Using solar energy will allow your business to operate even when the grid fails, maintaining production levels and, depending on your municipality’s regulations, you may even be able to sell energy back to the grid.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Solar energy is the most sustainable renewable energy source and implementing a solar energy system will greatly reduce your carbon footprint. This will allow your business to play its part in saving our planet and will improve your business brand with a greener image, giving you a competitive edge.

    Its Good Business

    By locking in your cost of energy, not only can you control your future energy bills, but planning and budgeting, especially long term, becomes easy. A solar system increases your property and business value and offers a great return on investment. Most systems pay for themselves and break even in 3 – 5 years, with an expected lifetime of not less than 25 years!

    Types of Commercial Solutions

    After analyzing your energy usage and requirements, our team of experts can advise you what type of energy system will best fulfil your needs. The exciting aspect of solar is that it is modular – you will be able to expand your system over time as your business grows or your requirements change. These are the four most common types of energy systems:

    Off-Grid System

    An Off-Grid system would be used for the supply of energy throughout the day and night, thus creating an independent supply from the grid with full remote monitoring activities.

    Grid-Tie System

    A Grid-Tie system ensures that supplemented energy supply during the day is feeding the load from the renewable energy source, or is feeding excess energy back to the national grid.

    Hybrid System

    A Hybrid system is generally used for the domestic, small industry and agricultural markets. Lodges and mines have also utilized these energy systems.

    Backup System

    A Backup system is used to store excess energy produced by the solar panels for later use, or as a stand-alone system, it can supply continuous power when the grid fails (UPS) to maintain continuous operations.

    Custom Designed System

    Custom energy systems are designed to work with an existing AC energy system.  A bespoke system to suit your business’s specific needs.

    It makes sense to work with a reliable and experienced installation partner with an established track record that Specialized Solar Systems confidently offers the commercial sector – the added security and peace of mind of making the switch to a commercial scale solar solution  effortless.

    Ready for an enjoyable solar experience?

    We aim to meet our customers’ energy requirements with the greatest possible reliability and long-term performance.