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Address: 43 Ossie Urban Street, Tamsui Industria, George, 6529, South Africa
OPEN TO THE PUBLIC  Business hours: Mon-Thu 8AM to 5PM and Fri 8AM to 2PM  

200kVA Grid-tied Solar – Tembalethu Square Shopping Mall in George Installation

200kVA Grid-tied Solar/1 MegaWatt – Tembalethu Square Shopping Mall George installation generates an average 1 megawatt of daily renewable energy

Thembalethu Square shopping mall is taking the lead for businesses in George, the Garden Route and South Africa by actively going green with the installation of a 200kVA grid-tied solar energy system that will generate an average of 1 megawatt of daily renewable energy!

Located in a township, Thembalethu (meaning: “ Our Hope”) in Western Cape in George South Africa, the shopping mall management commissioned Specialized Solar Systems with the installation of a 200kVA grid-tied solar energy system that will showcase the mall’s holistic approach and commitment to the environment by the primary use of solar-based electricity. The mall is proactively involved with the local community by providing much-needed youth development programs incorporating arts, sports, educational, and feeding facilities. The solar-generated energy will not only power these projects but will also solidify environmental awareness and impact issues through their education programs.

The key benefits of the Thembalethu Square grid-tied solar energy system are:

  • Tembalethu Square decided to invest in the solar system because they believe once the system is paid off, they will make a substantial saving in the ever-rising cost of electricity
  • Carbon emission benefits: Tembalethu Square will save approximately 360 tonnes of yearly carbon (CO2) emissions
  • Added insulation. Solar PV panels absorb heat, thus reducing the need for cooling
  • Increases the capital value of Tembalethu Square shopping centre

Put the sun to work for your business. Every year, more and more business owners are discovering the benefits of investing in solar energy

Installing a solar PV (photovoltaic) system on your business roof will not only save you money in the short run, but it also offers long-term rewards (if supported by your municipality).

Why should your business go green in South Africa?

  • 1. Save on your power bill
  • The repayment of a solar PV system is close to 5 years, depending on certain factors like self-consumption and the tariff structure. With solar panels that have a 25-year production warranty, it’s very much like buying 25 years’ prepaid electricity at 5 years’ cost.
  • 2. Benefit from a feed-in tariff
    Many municipalities across the Western Cape already have the rules and tariffs in place (where you are compensated for extra electricity fed into the grid). The remaining municipalities across the province are being supported by the Western Cape Government and GreenCape to design and implement feed-in tariffs.
  • 3. Installation is tax deductible
    Section 12B of the Income Tax Act of 2016 provides for an accelerated depreciation allowance on the entire cost of a solar photovoltaic system under 1 megawatt. A maximum of 28% of a PV system’s cost can be saved in the first year through a reduced tax bill. Take Charge Switch & Save
  • 4. It’s VAT-deductible
    It makes perfect financial sense for businesses to install a Solar PV system, as they can deduct the VAT portion, in other words, 14% of the total cost if they are VAT-registered. This presents an immediate saving.
  • 5. Pay less carbon tax
    Government is introducing a carbon tax for businesses that emit excessive amounts of greenhouse gasses, through especially transportation and electricity generation. As a low-carbon source of energy, solar power can help businesses to become greener and therefore avoid carbon tax.

 Below: A video touching on the installation of the George Tembalethu Mall 1 megaWatt grid-tied solar power system and more information on the malls Youth-development programs

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