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The best way to get off the grid: Residential Off-Grid Solar System Installation in Arniston

House with solar panels for an off-grid solar power system installed in Aniston

The best way to get off the grid and enjoy a reliable and sustainable residential energy solution is exemplified by the Specialized Solar Systems installation in Arniston. This impressive off-grid solar system was designed for both cost savings, energy security, and the independence it offers the customer.

Equipped with three 10kVA Victron inverters and a substantial 28kWp photovoltaic (PV) solar array consisting of 106 high-efficiency PV panels, it ensures a reliable and eco-friendly energy source.

Anticipating an average daily solar yield of 140 kWh, the system includes eight existing SolarMD batteries with 115 kWh for energy storage.

With PV solar panels designed to last 25 years at 80% efficiency, this installation is a wise choice for customers seeking to reduce costs and enhance sustainability

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System Summary:

  • System design and installation: Specialized Solar Systems
  • System type: Residential Off-Grid Solar System
  • Application: Energy cost savings and energy security
  • Inverter (kVA): 3 x 10kVA Victron
  • PV array (kWp): 28kWp (106 x 265W PV panels)
  • Average solar yield expectancy (kW): 140 kWh/day
  • Storage (kW): 115kWh from 8 x existing SolarMD batteries
  • PV Solar panels: 25 years @80%
  • Expected system break even (Capitalization): 5 years

More on off-grid solar energy systems

An off-grid solar system is not connected to the electricity grid and requires battery storage. Off-grid solar systems must be designed correctly in order to generate enough power throughout the year and have the necessary battery capacity to meet the installed location’s electrical energy requirements or demand.

In Africa, we are very fortunate to have abundant sunshine. A backup generator or alternative backup power source may be necessary to supplement your electrical demand and recharge the batteries during times when the batteries are inadequately charged due to very bad weather patches or other unforeseen circumstances. We recommend that the size of the backup power source be adequate to supply energy to your house and charge your batteries at the same time.

The best way to get off the grid is to contact us!

At Specialized Solar Systems, we are committed to providing our clients with highly efficient and reliable off-grid energy solutions that save money and reduce environmental impact. Our solar systems are designed to maximize your energy savings and return on investment.

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