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Agricultural Solar Solutions



“More of South Africa’s farmers are realizing the benefits of switching to solar. Renewable energy not only reduces your carbon footprint, it can improve your profit margins significantly”.

South Africa isn’t the only country on the continent to be rapidly adapting to solar power, but the main reason it has the chance to become Africa’s leader is that it is one of the sunniest countries in the world. Dependent on solar system choice, solar generated energy could power or supplement grid (Eskom) electricity for sheds, packhouses, cellars, workshops, offices, water pumping solutions etc. Surplus energy, such as when a solar system is not powering a facility – for instance over a weekend – or when energy demand is lower than solar generation, could result in the surplus energy being credited back to the local municipality with a bi-directional meter using a Grid-Tie energy system (if allowed).

Have a look at this quick video clip to see what Specialized Solar Systems could do for your farm.

This installation was done on a farm just outside George in the Western Cape that grows, packs and exports fruit. Now they save on electricity costs too!

Why Switch to Solar?

Protect your farm from foreseeable increases in utility prices with solar energy and be part of a culture that makes a difference… one kilowatt at a time!

  • Significantly reduce monthly energy costs.

  • Significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Rely less on a volatile national power grid.

  • Establish environmental responsibility.

  • Increase confidence in your brand.

  • Protect your farm from foreseeable increases in utility prices.

  • Use solar for all borehole pumps.

  • Tax benefits.

  • Lower your electricity costs so that you don’t have to compromise on quality.

Interesting Fact

According to the South African Department of Energy, the whole of Africa has sunshine all year round. The annual 24-hour global solar radiation average is about 220 W/m² for South Africa, compared with about 150 W/m² for parts of the USA, and about 100 W/m² for Europe and the United Kingdom.

This makes South Africa’s local resource one of the highest in the world.

At Specialized Solar Systems,  our team of renewable energy experts will offer you the latest proven solar solutions to meet your budget and energy goals.

We will carefully guide you through the available solar system options for your farm’s energy needs by thoroughly evaluating your historical and current energy consumption data and future requirements.

The Process

Initial meeting

A qualified Specialized Solar Systems renewable energy consultant will make contact with you to discuss your immediate and future energy requirements as well as your budget.

Site inspection

A site inspection will then be done, inspecting all available options for installation (roof, ground mount etc) as well as all the existing electrical networks and components (distribution boards etc).


A data logger will be installed on your existing network for at least 7 days  to record your current power usage to determine your exact energy requirements.

Presentation of proposal and formal quote

A presentation with a proposal detailing our recommendations for an energy system(s) including the design, the applicable legislative requirements, a capitalization summary and a formal quote will be delivered or emailed to you for consideration.


Installation of the energy system with clear timelines for the solar system implementation will be done upon acceptance of the quote.  As each energy system and installation is customized to our customers’ exact requirements, terms and conditions will apply.

The installation process is hassle-free and will optimize your farm’s energy usage. Our team will always ensure the installation is efficient and is up to industry standards and national and municipal regulations.


The energy system will be signed-off by a registered electrical engineer and will be commissioned. At the end of the process, training on operating and managing the energy system will be given to our customer.

Once we take you through all the possibilities, costs, savings, installation time and capitalization performance, we are quite certain it will make perfect financial sense to go with solar energy.

Not only can you count on the best quality solar technology, but also an excellent and professional installation team backed by our legendary after sales service –  once your system is installed and producing energy, Specialized Solar Systems will continue to monitor the system’s performance remotely for at least one year. After that time, we will still offer continued support, should you require it.

Solar Pump Solutions               

Solar pumps are an energy efficient, environmentally friendly way to pump water for a variety of domestic and commercial purposes, from irrigation and boreholes to livestock watering (and even as a swimming pool pump).

Specialized Solar Systems supplies a wide variety of solar pumps, ensuring that we have a large range to match each application and optimize efficiency. As with all our installations, our team of experts will analyze your requirements and advise you on the best possible pumping solution. This includes the area of installation of the solar panels as well as the amount of water that you need to pump on a daily basis.

To find out more about our solar pump options (and our complete AC solar submersible water pump kit) please click on the button below…

    Ready for an enjoyable solar experience?

    Once you provide our team of experts with your current energy usage and predicted future requirements, they will come and do a site inspection and will then be able to present you with a proposal of our recommended energy solution to fulfill all your energy requirements, both now and in the future.

    Don’t forget that most energy systems are modular and can ‘grow’ over time as your energy requirements change, or as your budget allows.

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    Miena BesterMiena Bester
    07:12 10 Jun 22
    Excellent service, great system. Thank you Bobby and team. You are awesome!
    Tulz MTulz M
    20:33 12 Dec 20
    I used the Gauteng supplier, Approved Solar Systems, and I truly appreciate the professionalism showed by the team. They consulted on my needs and answered all of my questions. The turn around was really fast. Most importantly they were warm and friendly to deal with. The positive experience was worth every penny. Thanks for an amazing's a lost art these days.
    Ronel PieterseRonel Pieterse
    15:04 05 Nov 20
    Professional, knowledgable, on time. I appreciated the attention to detail and answering my endless questions and requests to quote. With so many solar charlatans out there these days; this is one company you can trust!
    lukas du preezlukas du preez
    07:08 14 Oct 19
    I was very satisfied with the professionalism and quality of the service provided by SSS at my home in Welgelegen George, installing a solar system.To put the cherry on top, I was informed by SSS about 2 weeks after the job was finished and paid for, that I have overpaid them by R32000 and that they would refund me! I was not aware of this and they could have kept quiet and I would never have known. This reflects great business ethics and I can really recommend these guys!
    Martiens PrinslooMartiens Prinsloo
    09:49 20 May 19
    I've been investigating a solar solution for our house in Randburg for the past 5 years. From all the interaction I had with various companies SSS is by far the most professional. They are the only company that was willing to do a decent study of our power usage before making a recommendation of what is needed. The level of service I received was world class. The CEO was actually interacting with me directly via phone and e-mail and explaining everything in a way I can understand. Thank you for time Jonathan! You and your team really showed what service is all about. The installation is very neat and I can already see a huge reduction in my grid consumption. No need to stress about load shedding anymore.
    Des MullerDes Muller
    08:53 04 Mar 15
    I like when people know their stuff and are not too wrapped up in their expertise to spend time with those who are not so knowledgeable to explain things. I had a good experience and liked the calm confidence the staff projects.
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