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Inverroche’s Solar Power: A Green Revolution in Still Bay

View of the solar panel arrays at Inveroche distillery in Still Bay

In the scenic town of Still Bay in the Western Cape of South Africa, Inverroche Distillery faced a trio of challenges: energy insecurity, the high cost of running a diesel generator, and excessive energy consumption from the grid. Seeking a robust solution, they partnered with Specialized Solar Systems commercial team to implement a tailored commercial hybrid solar system.

The solar infrastructure comprises a Atess inverter and a roof-mounted solar panel array featuring a total of 240 kWp, strategically designed to alleviate the strain on the grid and mitigate the need for an expensive diesel generator. With 160 kWh of usable battery storage, the hybrid solar system not only ensures energy security during load shedding but also optimizes time-of-use (TOU) for efficient cost-effective energy consumption.

The powerful solar system includes 2 X 100kVA Atess (with only 1 currently powered for phase one), 240 kWp enersol solar panels (which only 120kWp is utilized in phase one), and 2 X 100/80 Freedom Won lithium iron phosphate batteries. This innovative configuration is projected to produce an annual average energy of 129.6 MWh (doubling when phase two is completed).

In terms of financial feasibility, the system boasts a payback period of 5.5 years, offering a prudent investment with a lifespan of 20 years and beyond. Beyond economics, the environmental impact is noteworthy, with an annual carbon dioxide savings of 93 tons, aligning Inverroche Distillery with sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

This solar initiative not only resolves immediate energy challenges but also positions Inverroche Distillery as a forward-thinking entity, contributing to both economic and environmental sustainability. The success of this project underscores the efficacy of solar solutions in addressing complex energy issues, setting a precedent for businesses in the Western Cape and beyond.

Project Client NameInverroche Distillery
Country and ProvinceSouth Africa, Western Cape
Location of the ProjectStill Bay, WC
System TypeHybrid Solar System
Inverter Type100kVA HPS
Panel Mount positionRoof Mounting
Storage (usable) kWh160
kWp 240kWp
Problems faced by ClientEnergy insecurity, high cost of running a diesel generator, & high energy consumption from the grid
Solution ProvidedA system that reduces energy consumption from the grid, reduces cost of running a diesel generator and provides energy security and power essential for load-shedding TOU optimization
System Metrics2 X 100kVA Atess (only 1 powered), 450kWp enersol of which only 240Wp used, 2 x 100/80 FW
System Annual Average energy Production (MWh)129.6
System Payback Period (Years)5.5
System Life Span (Years)20
Annual carbon dioxide savings (C02) (tons)93.312

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Some more images of the installation:

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