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Specialized Solar Systems Commercial Team Delivers a Hybrid Solar System in the North West.

Specialized Solar Systems’ commercial team recently installed a 144 kVA, 84.7 kWp hybrid solar power system at Impodimo Game Lodge in Zeerust. Nestled on a rocky ridge, Impodimo Game Lodge gracefully overlooks the breathtaking vistas of the magnificent malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve in the North West Province of South Africa. 

This solar power system comprises 142 x 545W PV panels, for an 84.7kWp solar panel array with an expected average solar yield of 400 kWh per day. The inverters used in this installation are 6 x 15 kVA Victron Quatro inverters and 2 x 27 kVA Fronius ECO, reliable and efficient inverters for large-scale commercial solar projects, coupled with 2 x 60/48 Freedom Won lithium iron phosphate batteries with backup storage capacity of 120 kWh (96 kWh usable).

This project makes use of a storage container. Instead of traditional methods, all the necessary components are housed within a sturdy enclosure, ensuring long-term energy security. Components were factory-built and configured for immediate, out-of-the-box operation, eliminating the need for additional setup or configuration.

The Impodimo Game Lodge is located in an expansive reserve that spans 75,000 hectares, showcasing a captivating blend of unique topography and awe-inspiring beauty as it stretches along the border of Botswana.  In this stunning landscape, the Big 5 and other notable wildlife, including African Wild Dogs, Cheetahs, Hyenas, large mammals, and colorful birds, thrive.

Our experienced team can design and install a custom solar system that meets your specific needs and budget. Our solar systems are also designed to maximize your energy savings and return on investment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business go solar.

If you need help selecting a solar power or backup system, please complete this form.

Some key advantages of Hybrid solar systems supplied and installed by Specialized Solar Systems:

  • If PV solar arrays generate insufficient power to supply daytime loads and charge your batteries, the system can use grid power to recharge your batteries, typically during lower off-peak electricity rate periods.
  • When electricity usage goes above a certain level nationally, the grid supply may charge you at a higher rate for the increased level of demand. Hybrid systems can offer ‘peak lopping,’ allowing users to draw some of the stored power from the batteries to help balance power usage.
  •  If your grid connection does not have the capacity to supply the required load,  a hybrid solar system will supplement any extra power. This may allow you to avoid a costly mains upgrade to your property.

Hybrid solar systems give you increased energy security and self-sufficiency, lock in current electricity prices, let you choose when to use solar energy, and guarantee a constant supply of electricity.

Background: Specialized Solar Systems Grid-Interactive Hybrid Solar Systems

The utility grid is a virtual battery

Utilize electricity when generated or store it briefly as alternative energy forms, like chemical energy in batteries, for future use. Energy storage typically comes with significant costs.

The electric power grid acts as a maintenance-free, highly efficient battery, surpassing the need for upkeep or replacements. In other words, more electricity (and more money) goes to waste with conventional battery systems.

Additional perks of being grid-tied include access to backup power from the utility grid in case extra power is required or if your solar system stops generating electricity for any reason.  At the same time, you also help to mitigate the utility’s peak load.

Customers can contact Specialized Solar Systems for more information on purchasing a Grid-Tied solar system and for expert advice when choosing the correct solar system solution for all your electrical energy needs.

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Feeding-in to the Municipal Grid information (Western Cape, South Africa)

Many municipalities across the Western Cape already have the rules and tariffs in place for feeding into the grid when installing a PV system. To view more information please view this link

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