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90kVA Hybrid Solar Energy System with 96kWp solar array installation Riversdale, Western Cape.

Specialized Solar Systems commercial solar installation team completed an AC to AC coupled 90kWp hybrid solar system installation at the Bakenskop Boerdery in the Western Cape.

More information on the Hybrid solar system designed by Specialized Solar Systems :

  • Location: Bakenskop Boerdery, Riversdale
  • System design and installations: Specialized Solar Systems
  • Application: Energy cost reduction and independence / Dairy farming and irrigation
  • System type: AC coupled / Hybrid with storage capacity
  • Solar Array (PV): 90kWp
  • Inversion: 3 x 27kVA Fronius / 6 x 15kVA Victron Quattro
  • System delivery: 25 years @80% / Battery: >16 years (>5 500 cycles) expected life at 80% DoD 1
  • Anticipated system break even (Capitalization): 5 years

The solar system was designed and installed by Specialized Solar Systems with 128kWh useable storage capacity, a 90kWp solar array (PV), 3 x 27kVA (81kVA) Fronius grid-tied inverters (used for their MPPTs/Grid-tied features) and 6 x 15kVA Victron Quattro inverters/chargers used for both charging batteries and energy distribution.

The system is designed solely for the farms’ use to lower electricity expenditure during the day and night, and to overcome the Eskom rising tariffs charges saving money in the more economical time of use periods.
It features a 90kWp solar array which provides the energy to reduce the farm daytime power costs (running of irrigation pumps etc) and to charge the batteries for use during the late afternoon milking of the cows. The solar array will produce on average 410kWh per day.

The solar array is coupled with 3 x 27kVA Fronius 3-phase commercial inverters. The AC coupled is also connected to 6 x 15kVA Victron Quatro inverters-chargers used to charge the storage. The storage capacity is delivered by 2 x 80/64 Freedom Won batteries giving a total of 128kWh of useable energy.

The use of the 6 x 15kVA Victron inverter/chargers creates scheduled charging of the batteries during the low tariff period between 23h00 until 04h00. The tariff during this time is low (90c/kWhr) and the batteries are then discharged during the early morning milking when the tariff is very high (R 4.20/kWhr).

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Some images of the installation:

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