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Energydock Premium Range Level 4 Installation in Glentana

One of our recent installations was this Energydock Premium Range Level 4 energy system at a home in Glentana (Garden Route). As you can see in the photos, the Level 4 system was installed in a rather narrow pantry, but it still easily fits into the space, along with a DC Attachment unit and an AC Bypass box, without cluttering the pantry or stealing space.

The Premium Range Level 4 energy system has a 5 kVA Victron Multiplus II inverter and a 5.120 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery. To enable this energy system to also generate power, our client decided to add our DC attachment unit with a 150/100 MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker). This meant that the system could be connected to 15 solar panels (of 400 Wp each) that were installed on their roof, resulting in a 6 kWp solar array. Now the Premium Level 4 system is not only a backup unit, but it also offers the homeowners energy security and grid support, enabling them to reduce their monthly energy costs by using the power that the system generates (which is an average of 27 kWh peak per day – not bad for such a compact energy system!) instead of power from the grid.

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