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Energydock offers consumers and businesses an alternative to traditional grid electrification energy reliance with a variety of compact and easy to install energy system products. 


The Energydock product range takes the guess-work out of the technical system design and all our energy systems are pre-programmed for optimal performance and  longevity. Not only are the systems sleek and contemporary, they are also modular in design and can ‘grow’ with your energy needs.


There are two products in the DC Range – one with a lead acid battery and the other with a 640Wh LiFePO₄ battery (with a modular application) or a 1280Wh battery. Both units have MC4 connectors for easy solar panel installation, a dual USB cell phone charger as well as short circuit protection and current limiter function. These energy systems are PV ready and are safe and easy to install.


The four Levels in the Econo Range are fitted with high frequency inverters (from 1kVA to 5kVA) and LiFePO₄ batteries (from 1280Wh to 5120Wh). Each system also has a MPPT installed, making these energy systems PV ready (from 500Wp to 5000Wp). The Econo Range energy systems can be applied as backup, hybrid or off-grid systems in your home or for leisure activities.


There are two Levels in the Standard Range, each with a low frequency Victron inverter (3kVA and 5kVA) and a LiFePO₄ battery (2560Wh and 5120Wh). Level 1 is PV ready up to a maximum of 4000Wp and our DC Attachment unit can be connected to Level 2 for the  installation of solar panels.  The Standard Range can be applied as backup, hybrid, grid-tie or off -grid systems.


The five Levels in the Premium Range have low frequency Victron inverters (from 0.5kVA to 5kVA) and LiFePO₄ batteries (from 1280Wh to 10240Wh). Although this range is not PV ready, adding our DC Attachment unit allows you to connect solar panels to match your load requirements, making these systems ideal as backup, hybrid and off-grid energy devices.

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Each of the two Levels in the 3 Phase Range have three low frequency Victron inverters (1.6 kVA and 3 kVA) and a 7680 kWh LiFePO₄ battery. These energy systems can be applied as backup and hybrid units on 3 phase grid supply lines, or with the addition of our DC Attachment unit, as off-grid devices as well.


The 48V LiFePO₄ batteries in the Storagedock Range are housed in a contemporary matt white aluminum enclosures, with a colour screen BMS for battery monitoring. They are available in four different capacities: 2560Wh, 4000Wh, 5120Wh and 10240Wh.


There are four different 12V batteries in this LiFePO₄ battery range (640 Wh to 1920 Wh) and three 24V batteries (1280 Wh to 5120 Wh). The battery cells are housed in a neat and compact aluminum enclosure and can be monitored on the BMS colour touch screen.


If there is anything else that you would like to know – more details on a certain product, which product will work best in your home or office, prices or where to find  a distributor near you (or even if you just want to say hello),  please click this ‘Contact Us’ button, and we’ll do our very best to assist you further.

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