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Energydock Econo Range Level 4 off-grid installation near George

Just outside George there is a small storage park that does not have any Eskom power. Earlier this week, we installed a small energy system for them, consisting of the Energydock Econo Range Level 4 energy system and four 400Wp solar panels. This provided our client with a 1.6 kWp off-grid solar energy system. Using this energy system, the storage park is now able to power the electric entrance gate, electric fencing, security lights and a CCTV security system with nine cameras, a monitor and an alarm system 24/7.

The complete energy system was installed inside one of the containers, and the four solar panels were mounted on the roof over the containers. As you can see in the photos, it is a very compact installation – no unnecessary clutter and cabling, thanks to the unique design of the Econo Range which houses everything in its single enclosure. This includes the 5 kVA inverter, the MPPT, the 5.120 kWh LiFePO₄ battery and all the necessary fuses and wiring, taking up just 71 x 42cm of wall space!

As this unit is PV ready, the solar panels are simply connected to the system once they have been mounted on the roof and the wiring is done and voilá… power is on. This entire installation, from the very start to the end of the final testing, took 2 hours to complete, as the Energydock systems are already pre-programmed in our factory, making this a simple, no mess, no fuss installation!

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