Energydock Range

The Energydock and Storagedock product range by Specialized Solar Systems aims to provide a durable, compact and complete energy solution in a ground or wall-mountable modular form factor.  Designed by a team of passionate solar-engineers,  the attractively encased Levels neatly tuck away the very latest lithium iron phosphate batteries coupled with Victron’s Blue Power quality grade inverters and components.

As standalone devices, these units can be used as backup energy systems for your business and households. With a simple DC Attachment upgrade, which includes a Victron MPPT,  solar panels can be added.

By adding solar panels the Levels can generate then supply their own energy and  have the ability to combine solar with grid power making these systems a good investment by giving you energy security and savings for many years.

Dependent on your energy requirements these compact units come in a variety of Levels to suite the market’s energy needs.

Also part of the Energydock range, we offer the very latest storage technologies,  Storagedock, featuring lithuim iron phospate (LiFeP04) and advance battery managment systems.