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Specialized Solar Systems mobile Solar Sentry Trailer helps power the Greenpop Eden Festival of Action 2019


Specialized Solar Systems sponsored a Solar Sentry Trailer to help power the Greenpop Eden Festival of Action 2019 with renewable solar energy.

Keeping to the green theme, Specialized Solar Systems sponsored one of our rugged and very mobile solar power station solutions, the Solar Sentry Trailer.  The mobile Solar Sentry Trailer was used to help power the festival with clean and abundant sunshine energy.

 One of the many tailor-made solar energy solutions that we specially engineer for our customers.

About the Eden Festival of Action 2019:

As the world around us is changing faster than expected we aim to provide the tools to grow with it. Our program is centered around getting active (not anxious) about the future of our planet! We have a world-class team of experienced facilitators and environmental experts curating the experience from start to finish. Attendees will stay in a tented village, fostering a new community throughout the week. Every day you will have time to learn in our various eco-workshops, get active by planting trees, doing alien clearing or greening local communities. We also facilitate yoga and movement, creative sessions and upcycling. We encourage unplugging, finding headspace and engaging with the natural environment. 

This year the United Nations General Assembly declared 2021 – 2030 the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. Studies say that restoration could remove up to 26 gigatons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and that Ecosystem restoration is fundamental to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, mainly those on climate change, poverty eradication, food security, water, and biodiversity conservation. We aim to plant over 4500 indigenous trees in the Garden Route at the 2019 Festival of Action.

The festival is a three-week program, with the first two weeks dedicated to high school students and the last week open to adults. Incorporating tree-planting, alien vegetation clearing, environmental workshops and talks, natural building, collaborative eco-art pieces and murals, and community upliftment work.


22 – 29 June: Youth Programme – Week 1

30 June – 7 July: Youth Programme – Week 2

7 – 14 July: Adult Programme – Week 3

See more information on the Festival of Action Below:

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About the Solar Sentry Trailer:

The Solar Sentry is designed and manufactured in South Africa by Specialized Solar Systems and the unit is a self-sufficient solar energy supply for 4 x 100-Watt 24 Volt, powerful DC floodlights.

With its unique design, the Solar Sentry is easily deployed being towed behind fast-moving vehicles at up to 80 kilometers per hour and with 15-inch tires, most terrains are accessible with this nifty solar power station.

Customers should please contact Specialized Solar Systems for a tailor-made solar power station solution for your electrical energy requirements. 

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