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189 kVA Commercial Grid-tie embedded Solar Energy System.

Back in 2019 Specialized Solar Systems installed a 324 kVA grid-tie energy system at the Bloemfontein Showgrounds. Two years later, we are now increasing the size of the energy system by installing a second solar energy embedded generator, this time a 189 kVA grid-tie energy system. 512 solar panels are currently being installed on the roofs of two buildings at the Showgrounds. The total size the of solar panel installation is 230.4 kWp and this requires 7 inverters, connected in series.

The energy produced by these solar panels is for the Showgrounds’ own use and no batteries are being installed. Intricate calculations involving the careful consideration of many external factors (the weather, the seasons, sun radiation factor for the exact location, etc) have made this possible. Now all the potential energy produced from the solar panels will be consumed during the daytime as it is produced (with very little or no wastage) and this will be sufficient energy to meet the demands of the tenants at the Showgrounds where this energy system is being applied.

These cost savings should result in the energy system paying for itself after three years. The system has an expected lifetime of at least 25 years, making this an extremely cost-effective investment.

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