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Parliament lauds solar project that lit up township

The solar technologies supplied by Specialized Solar Systems for the Kheis Project include:

  • Smart solar energy producing DC micro-grids with remote managed hardware – SS20DC75 Managed.
  • Efficient DC appliances powered by the DC micro-grid systems.
  • Online Off-Grid Energy Management Utility with remote switching, payment facilitation, vendor management, solar system and end-user management services – SSS-EPOWER.
  • Product/service support.

Using DC (direct current) technologies, rather than the more traditional AC (alternating current) ones, Specialized Solar Systems has been able to develop off-grid solar systems that are easy to install, safe to use in shacks (no open flames), made to the highest safety design specifications and are remotely manageable.

And because they are modular systems, they offer an incredible degree of design flexibility and threshold settings that can be adapted to the needs of any home or dwelling, or even any large-scale project such as the Kheis Project where Specialized Solar Systems is supplying DC micro-grid systems to the Kheis Municipality in the Northern Cape, South Africa.

The project aims to supply managed renewable energy and become a benchmark for the supply of basic human energy requirements that the rest of the world could follow.

The installed solar powered DC micro-grid systems are soft-managed by a web-based management platform, SSS-EPOWER that was developed by Specialized Solar Systems for large-scale remotely manageable de-centralized solar energy supply.

The SSS20 dc micro-grid off-grid system used in the Kheis Project after a simple upgrade could further supply needed refrigeration.

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