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Sub-centralized solar energy power station Stage 1 Jabula

A world first. Specialized Solar Systems completed its first installation of a sub-centralized solar energy power station in conjunction with an innovative client in Cape Town, Zonke Energy.

The installation was done on the outskirts of Cape Town in the suburb called Jabula where grid-power is not available. It consisted of a sub-centralized solar energy station which is a central-based solar energy producing unit that will further supply remotely managed DC solar energy from a central point that will then branch out to further 9-11 households.

The project is in its the first phase and the sub-centralized energy station efficiencies will now be carefully monitored before moving to the next stages that will include more solar panels and further energy monitoring to each of the individual households.

Hendrik Schloemann from Solar Reach decided that each household will make use of a Pay as You Go billing packages supplied within Specialized Solar Systems online off-grid solar management utility, SSS-EPOWER. These billing packages consist of bundles much like cell phone services providers use.

SSS-EPOWER will be used to manage the power consumption, POS management, client management, remote switching and billing structure all remotely for the project. At each sub centralized unit installation, a street light is also erected creating much-needed light for the community.

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