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Baviaan’s off-grid Solar Power System Installation

10kVA 36-48kWhrs Per day off-grid solar power system installation by Specialized Solar Systems, deep in the Baviaan’s, the Klein Karoo, South Africa

An Off-grid solar power system custom-designed, supplied and installed by Specialized Solar Systems using a lithium iron phosphate battery for PV generated energy storage. The off-grid solar system was designed to supply 36-48KWH/day with 10kVA peak power draw.

The 10kVA 36-48kWhrs per day off-grid solar power system made use of the following solar power components:

  • 10 kVA Victron single-phase solar power inverter charger.
  • 9.360 kW PV solar panels (Photovoltaics) on special ground mount frames.
  • 2 Victron MPPTS 185Ah.
  • 1 x Lithium Ion Phosphate Freedom Won 800AH usable 28kWHrs @70% D.O.D.

Off-grid solar systems are generally used when utility power is unavailable or too expensive to bring in to your home. It’s also an added bonus to be independent by being your own utility – no more utility bills!

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