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Protea Hotel Mossel Bay goes Green with a 54kVA 47.2kWp Grid-tied solar system

Specialized Solar Systems recently completed a commercial grid-tied solar powered system for the Protea Hotel in Mossel Bay.  The grid-tied solar system will generate an average of  200kWhrs per day over a year,  and should effectively reduce the hotels overall electricity bill by 20-25% 

Video: Ray Nolan from Specialized Solar Systems presents the Protea Hotel Mossel Bay 54kVA 47.2kWp Grid-tied solar project and the impact that solar energy can have when businesses decide to use renewables to supplement their grid electrification usage

Specialized Solar Systems mandate from the luxurious 38-roomed Protea Hotel in Mossel Bay was to provide them with a Grid tied solar system which would supplement the Hotel’s day time electrical consumption and help reduce their running costs.  On completion and approval of the solar system design the drawings, information and specifications were then submitted to the Mosselbay Municipality for a SSEG (small scale embedded generator) application which was promptly and successfully accepted.

Specialized Solar Systems commercial installation team then supplied and installed a 54kVA Fronius inverter coupled to a 47.2KWP solar array. The solar panel array was designed for the available roof space. The solar array was installed in 4 x strings of 18 x 330watt Peimar panels for each 27kVA Fronius inverter. In total 144 x 330watt Peimar solar PV panels were installed. 

As the hotel is open 7 days a week 365 days a year, the solar system power generation is completely for the Hotels own use and there will be no feed back into the Mossel Bay Municipal Grid.

The grid-tied solar system generates an average of +- 200kWhrs per day over a year and effectively which reduces the overall electricity account by 20-25%. 

Specialized Solar System supplied and installed the following components that make up this 54kVA 47.2kWp Grid-tied solar system: 

  • 2 x Fronius 3 phase project inverters: 2 x Eco 27.0-3-S (1 MPPT): Invert 1 as master with Webserver and WLAN. 2nd inverter as slave.
  • 1 x 50kA Fronius Energy meter and 3 x 400A CT’s
  • 2 x 5way Hellerman and Tyton DC solar combiner boxes with built in 1000V DC fuses and Surge Protection.
  • 144 x 330-watt Peimar solar PV panels
  • Direct roof mount panel railings and clips for the 144 panels
  • DC cabling, trunking, cable trays and conduits
  • Metal DC Inverter Distribution Box
  • AC Connections to Hotel and Municipal Mains Distribution Box
  • AC connections are also linked to the Hotel’s backup Diesel Generator

Pictures below of the 54kVA 47.2kWp installation at Protea Hotel,  Mossel Bay, South Africa

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