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Complete Residential Off-grid Solar System Solutions

Background: Specialized Solar Systems Off-grid Solar Power Systems

Off-grid solar systems operate independently from the electricity grid and rely on battery storage. They must be carefully designed to ensure year-round power generation and to meet the electrical energy needs of the location where they are installed. In areas with abundant sunlight, like Africa, these systems can work well. However, it’s a good idea to have a backup generator or an alternative power source to supplement your electricity supply during extended periods of bad weather or unforeseen situations. The backup power source should be capable of both providing energy to your home and recharging the batteries simultaneously.

Explore our popular residential off-grid solar systems, thoughtfully designed with various size options.

Explore our off-grid solar kits below that feature top-quality components and provide useful explanations for your energy planning

A typical off-grid PV or solar-powered system diagram
A typical off-grid PV or solar-powered system diagram

Generally, off-grid solar power system sizing or specifications are based on your daily wattage usage and peak Wh requirement. Daily watt-hour usage can normally be calculated from your utility bill over a time period but may require more accurate usage pattern monitoring with energy metering data loggers.

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