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2.058 kWp Grid-Tie solar system installation

2.058 kWp Grid-Tie solar system installation

2.058 kWp Kraaifontein Grid-Tie solar powered system installation Specialized Solar Systems residential solar team recently installed a 2.058kWp Grid-Tie solar powered system in Kraaifontein, the Western Cape South Africa.  The solar-powered system...

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DCGO Provides Affordable Off-Grid Electrification

“I’ve waited 24 years for lights in my home… 24 years in darkness” DCGO offers energy as a service, systems are implemented in communities through local employment and local vendors, empowering people and creating economic and environmental sustainability. A...

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Nkaneng DCGO Project launch outside Rustenberg

The Nkaneng DCGO project outside Rustenberg was officially launched yesterday of which is now powering with metered end remotely managed energy,  53 households through 14 DC Solar Power Stations – a milestone for Specialized Solar Systems who...

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