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Refrigeration DC Solar Power

Images of the last order for 2015 of 100 solar refrigeration power supply units,  to be dispatched from Specialized Solar Systems (SSS) factory to Defy in Durban.

These boxed units consist of SSS designed solar power generation components specifically built to supply the correct amount of renewable energy for super-efficient DC powered fridges and freezers with an adequate autonomy.

The solar-powered components consist of:

  • 1 X stainless steel battery box.
  • 1 X 200AH Deep Cycle Battery.
  • Harness with 6mm battery cable for ease of connection.
  • Harness with 6mm solar panel cable for ease of connection.
  • SSS battery management and control system with visual interactive screen (DB Smart Box).
  • Main fuse and all installation consumables.
  • 2 x Foldable quick setup galvanized solar panel brackets with adjustable settings.
  • 2 x 120Watt Solar modules, 25year 80% yield, including 4m of 2,5mm cable with junction box and harness.
  • System information, warranty, and a quick installation manual.

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