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Solar Energy Generation Systems – an overview by Specialized Solar Systems


WARNING: Monthly inspections should be performed from the ground.

Solar Array

• Check that the solar array is not being shaded between 09:00 and 15:00 by vegetation or building structures. Trim vegetation if necessary.

• Clean solar panels: To clean the solar panels of dust or grime please follow these steps.

  1. Use a soft towel, warm water, and some dish soap. Clean all dirt and bird droppings. After thoroughly cleaning the panel, rinse so that there no soap residue is left.
  2. Exercise caution when using a ladder so that you don’t scratch the panels themselves or fall.

DO NOT clean the solar modules if your inverter reads a ‘Ground Fault Error’. Call for service immediately if the inverter indicates a Ground Fault Error. Refer to the inverter manual for additional details.

• Visually inspect the solar array from the ground for damage. Broken solar module glass is an electrical safety hazard (electric shock and fire). If the protective glass front breaks the module will look different than the other PV modules. If broken glass is discovered, call for service immediately and turn your system off. These modules cannot be repaired and must be replaced immediately.

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