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12.5kVA 15kWp 77kWhrs per day Grid-Tied Solar System Installation

Grid-Tie Solar System 12.5kVA 15kWp 77kWhrs per day Humansdorp installation

A Specialized Solar Systems installation that included a 15kWp grid-tied solar system using a Fronius 3-phase grid-tie inverter to supplement their power usage in the restaurant. The solar installation was done in Humansdorp South Africa.



Timelapse video of roof-mounted solar panels for a grid-tied solar system recently installed.

The grid-tied solar systems consisted of the following components:

  • 15 kWp PV Solar Modules
  • DC Combiner Box with Surge Protection
  • SM Rail Mount Framework for Roof
  • 1 x SYMO 12.5-3-M, 2 MPPT, Web server & WLAN
  • 1 x Smart Meter – Three Phase – 63A
  • System Programming and Maintenance/Owner Training

About Grid-Tied Solar Systems

A grid-tied system is the most familiar solar energy system, which is a solar electric system tied in where your commercial building or home connects to your utility electrical grid. These are the most efficient and least costly systems. They do not have battery backup, but the electrical grid of your existing utility is used like a large rechargeable battery.

Grid-tied systems must be connected to the utility to function and thus do not operate if there is a utility power outage. Grid-tied systems consist of photovoltaic panels and an inverter.

Solar power offers many benefits to home and property owners, most notably a reduction in electricity costs and usage. This type of system is attached, or “tied” to the existing electrical grid. The agricultural property that benefits from the system is credited for the electricity generated by the solar panels. Because your property consumes more electricity than is generated, it will be billed for only the excess consumption. In instances where the solar array is not generating enough electricity to power the full load, the electrical grid will supply electricity whenever needed. This is great news for owners who may not have enough sun exposure or space on their property for all of the panels required to power their entire load, they can still discount their current electricity rates, and reduce their environmental impact.

Customers, please contact Specialized Solar Systems for more information on purchasing a Grid-Tied solar system and for expert advice when choosing the correct solar system solution for all your electrical energy needs.

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