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“I’ve waited 24 years for lights in my home…
24 years in darkness… when they arrived and
told us they would give us power.

We didn’t believe them.

Three weeks later, the sun went down,
and we switched on our lights.”

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DC Go Solar Energy Solutions

DC Go provides efficient, accessible off-grid solar energy solutions to currently unserved customers and communities. Our energy solutions are available to our customers through affordable and adaptive Pay-As-You-Go packages which range from basic lighting to a full suite of low energy, direct current appliances available from DC Go.

Why DC Go?

DC Go provides affordable, off-grid electrification to underserviced communities. Offering energy as a service, systems are implemented in communities through local agents and vendors, empowering the people and creating economic and environmental sustainability. A range of packages makes the power solutions accessible to everyone.


  • Environmental, technological and commercial sustainability
  • Growth of local economy
  • Community empowerment and growth
  • Customer service and satisfaction
  • Respect for social structures

DC Go Features


ePower is an innovative and intelligent digital solution for managing remote, large-scale solar energy supply.

This integrated web-based platform integrates with the solar solutions to provide real-time data that is essential in managing systems, clients and vendor outlets.

Available Packages

All DC Go solar packages have the ability to evolve as needs increase, with the addition of solar panels, batteries, and appliances.


The DC Go RED solar energy package is ready to install and includes lights and cell phone charging.

Available Appliances*



The DC Go ORANGE solar energy package is ready to install and includes lights, cell phone charging.

Available Appliances*
17” TV


The DC Go YELLOW solar energy package is ready to install and includes lights, cell phone charging.

Available Appliances*
17” TV
HD satellite receiver


The DC Go GREEN solar energy package is ready to install and includes lights, cell phone charging.

Available Appliances*
24” TV
HD satellite receiver


The DC Go BLUE solar energy package is ready to install and includes lights, cell phone charging.

Available Appliances*


24” TV

HD satellite receiver


*Appliances sold separately and are not included in monthly fee. Available for purchase from DC Go by cash, EFT, and lay-by

Through our solutions, we aim to be a catalyst to improve the quality of life of our customers whilst alleviating poverty through job creation, skills and enterprise development, and safeguarding the environment for future generations.

Join the Power.Today Movement!

Intelligent Systems

  • Smart charging and discharging of the energy storage batteries – pro-longing battery life
  • Promoting efficient energy consumption – irresponsible usage of the energy can be identified, through carelessness, tampering or even defects
  • Ensuring there is sufficient energy for night time

Business Opportunities

Become an Agent

Are you a go-getter with a business attitude? Do you enjoy engaging and marketing within your local communities?

Start your own business by becoming an agent for DC Go, managing the deployment, service and marketing of the power solutions in a community.

Become a Vendor

Do you want to grow your store’s income? Do you want to be part of the Power.Today movement?

If you own a retail business in a DC Go area, you have the opportunity to earn commission from the sale of DC Go vouchers.

How it Works

Contact DC Go Agent

Select a package

Pay connection fee & sign agreement

Buy appliances

DC Go installs package

Pay monthly service fee

OPTIONAL: Upgrade package


Specialized Solar Systems are the technical advisors for DCGO
Miena BesterMiena Bester
07:12 10 Jun 22
Excellent service, great system. Thank you Bobby and team. You are awesome!
Tulz MTulz M
20:33 12 Dec 20
I used the Gauteng supplier, Approved Solar Systems, and I truly appreciate the professionalism showed by the team. They consulted on my needs and answered all of my questions. The turn around was really fast. Most importantly they were warm and friendly to deal with. The positive experience was worth every penny. Thanks for an amazing's a lost art these days.
Ronel PieterseRonel Pieterse
15:04 05 Nov 20
Professional, knowledgable, on time. I appreciated the attention to detail and answering my endless questions and requests to quote. With so many solar charlatans out there these days; this is one company you can trust!
lukas du preezlukas du preez
07:08 14 Oct 19
I was very satisfied with the professionalism and quality of the service provided by SSS at my home in Welgelegen George, installing a solar system.To put the cherry on top, I was informed by SSS about 2 weeks after the job was finished and paid for, that I have overpaid them by R32000 and that they would refund me! I was not aware of this and they could have kept quiet and I would never have known. This reflects great business ethics and I can really recommend these guys!
Martiens PrinslooMartiens Prinsloo
09:49 20 May 19
I've been investigating a solar solution for our house in Randburg for the past 5 years. From all the interaction I had with various companies SSS is by far the most professional. They are the only company that was willing to do a decent study of our power usage before making a recommendation of what is needed. The level of service I received was world class. The CEO was actually interacting with me directly via phone and e-mail and explaining everything in a way I can understand. Thank you for time Jonathan! You and your team really showed what service is all about. The installation is very neat and I can already see a huge reduction in my grid consumption. No need to stress about load shedding anymore.
Des MullerDes Muller
08:53 04 Mar 15
I like when people know their stuff and are not too wrapped up in their expertise to spend time with those who are not so knowledgeable to explain things. I had a good experience and liked the calm confidence the staff projects.
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