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Namibian High Commission in Botswana 50kW 3-Phase Solar Powered System

The Namibian High Commission in Botswana recently acquired a Primary Solar secondary utility power energy system with battery back-up to supply their offices.

The Solar System designed and installed for the Namibian High Commission in Botswana was developed to supply primary 50Kw 3-Phase renewable power to adequately supply their offices power requirements. If their offices consume all the alternative energy generated power, the system will automatically switch over to grid utility mains power.

The battery installation designed and installed will accommodate for unforeseen power outages making the solar driven system also act as a automated back-up system supplying power when utility power is unavailable. Specialized Solar Systems was tasked with the design and installation of this solar energy system.

The 50kW 3-Phase Solar Powered system comprises of the following components:

  • 10 800Watt Array of Solar Modules
  • Flooded Deep Cycle Millennium Solar 2V Battery Bank in Crates
  • 15kW 3-Phase Inverter/Chargers
  • 210Amp Maximum Power Point Tracking capability
  • Victron Blue Power Color Control Interface
  • Battery Monitoring System

This Alternative Energy project took little over a week to complete with on-site technical renewable energy installation training also being conducted for Specialized Solar Systems Botswana division.

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