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Hoogekraal Off-grid Solar System Installation

Off-grid solar system installation completed this week for a customer at Hoogekraal close to Sedgefield in the Garden Route South Africa.

The solar system in Hoogekraal makes use of a long life and high-performance lithium-iron-phosphate battery for storage. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are expensive when compared to lead-acid, but this is compensated for by a longer life, smaller size, lighter weight, superior reliability & efficiency.

Images from the Hoogekraal 15kVA 3 Phase Off-grid Solar System Installation

The off-grid solar system was made up of the following components supplied and installed by Specialized Solar Systems:

  • 54 kWh Potential daily yield of PV solar panels
  • 3 X 5kVA Victron Multiplus 48V Inverters
  • 3 X 85A Victron Blue Power MPPT’s
  • 1 X 800AH Freedom Won Lithium iron phosphate battery delivering 28 kWh @ 70 DOD

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