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54 kVA 63.2 kWp solar array 3 phase grid tied solar system in Kwaggafontein

Just outside Kwaggafontein close to Bloemfontein, a powerful 54kVA 63.2kWp grid-tied solar-powered system was recently installed by Specialized Solar Systems commercial installation team. This 3 phase grid-tied solar powered system will be used to supplement the electrical consumption of the factory during the day.

The grid-tied solar system consists of the following solar electrical components:

  • 2 x 27kVA Fronius grid-tied inverters
  • 190 x 33OWp (62.7kWP) Solar Panels
  • Roof-mounted rails
  • 2 x DC-DC combiner box with protection (circuit breaker, surge protection, fusing)
  • Smart meter to ensure monitoring and feedback control
  • AC circuit breaker and surge protection
  • The installation took a total of 6 days to complete and an SSEG application has been approved by Centlec who is the area mains power supplier.
  • Designed, supplied and installed by Specialized Solar Systems commercial solar team.

Put the sun to work for your business – Every year more and more business owners are discovering the benefits of investing in solar energy

Installing a Solar PV (photovoltaic) system on your business roof will not only save you money in the short-run, it also offers long-term rewards(If supported by your municipality – please view this link)

1. Save on your power bill
The repayment of a solar PV system is close to 5 years, depending on certain factors like self-consumption and the tariff structure. With solar panels that have a 25-year production warranty, it’s very much like buying 25 years’ prepaid electricity at 5 years’ cost.

2. Benefit from a feed-in tariff
Many municipalities across the Western Cape already have the rules and tariffs in place (where you are compensated for extra electricity fed into the grid). The remaining municipalities across the province are being supported by the Western Cape Government and GreenCape to design and implement feed-in tariffs.

3. Installation is tax deductible
Section 12B of the Income Tax Act of 2016 provides for an accelerated depreciation allowance on the entire cost of a solar photovoltaic system under 1 megawatt. A maximum of 28% of a PV system’s cost can be saved in the first year through a reduced tax bill. Take Charge Switch & Save

4. It’s VAT deductible
It makes perfect financial sense for businesses to install a Solar PV system, as they can deduct the VAT portion, in other words, 14% of the total cost if they are VAT-registered. This presents an immediate saving.

5. Payless carbon tax
Government is introducing a carbon tax for businesses that emit excessive amounts of greenhouse gasses, through especially transportation and electricity generation. As a low-carbon source of energy, solar power can help businesses to become greener and therefore avoid carbon tax

Plan your move to energy liberation today. Start enjoying the many benefits that solar generated electricity offers with added cost savings and energy security.

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