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3kVA 5kWhrs Level 4 backup energy solution installation at Fancourt, George

Specialized Solar Systems residential installation team completed a 3kVA 5kWhrs per day Level 4 backup energy solution at Fancourt in George, Western Cape South Africa.

Designed and manufactured by Specialized Solar Systems, the new Energydock Level 4 UPS solar energy unit includes a 3kVA Victron Multiplus II inverter/charger built-in, as well as a LiFePO4 battery (lithium iron phosphate battery) that stores 5kWhrs of power.

The wall-mounted Level 4 has the ability to be upgraded to a hybrid or off-grid solar system. It took the residential solar installation team less than 30 minutes to complete the job!

Specialized Solar Systems partnered with Ockert Du Plessis of VoltAU. He completed the AC works and put all essential loads onto one of the phases which are connected to the UPS. Below are images from the installation

George, Residential solar, UPS


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