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The second and final stage of the first Jabula sub-centralized off grid solar energy power station is now complete. This stage included six additional houses that were completely retrofitted for the supply of much-needed electrical energy. Our CEO, Jonathan Hodgson was personally on site to assist with the challenge of laying the overhead DC cabling to each house and the complexities due to the informal building site layout and structures – all done using poles and wired from the source installed street light (1).

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Specialized Solar Systems is involved in electrical engineering design, installation, automation and energy supply. Our aim is to provide complete renewable energy solutions for the future specializing in the application of direct current (DC) systems.

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HRH, Prince Africa Zulu of Onkweni Royal House, a descendent of Prince Shingana KaMpande, undertakes a journey to develop rural communities through DC Microgrid solar electrification.

Immersed by ordinary people’s concerns in the rural areas and searching for ways to improve their life circumstances, Prince Africa has become passionate about affordable, renewable, sustainable energy – a means which he firmly believes can fast-track his nation’s way towards a better, brighter future.

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