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4kW Submersible solar water pump System-Zambia

System: 4kW Submersible solar pump

Location: Zambia

Installation time: 1 Week

A 4kW solar water pump (submersible) pumping from a borehole at 70m deep and delivering 7.2 cubic meters of water per hour pumping into a 90mm pipeline of 1 km,  feeding 4 x 5000-liter water tanks. The powerful 4kW solar water pumping system consists of a 10.5kWp solar panel array, a 5.5kW Invertek VSD (variable speed drive) with a 3 phase change over switch.

The solar water pumping system is designed to work either solar or AC power. A pressure system of 2 x 1.5kW pumps with Sirio VSD’s, pumps the water from the tanks into a 1.2km ring main pipeline that supplies water to 15 houses at 2.5 bar pressure.

The 2 x 1.5kW solar water pumping system(flipflop) is powered by an off-grid Victron system, consisting of a 1.2kWp panel array, 3kVA Victron, and 2 x 260 amp hour gel batteries, the system can also be connected to a generator.

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