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20kVA 100kWhrs per day Zeerust Off-Grid Solar Power System Installation

20kVA 100kWhrs Off-grid solar power system installation by Specialized Solar Systems in Zeerust, South Africa.

The custom-designed off-grid solar power system supplies a daily average photovoltaic yield of 100kWhs/day from the large solar panel array. The solor powered system installation included a battery storage capacity that supports 72kWhrs usage direct from the battery before reaching 27% DOD (Depth of battery discharge).

The 20kVA 100kWhrs per day off-grid solar power system made use of the following solar power components:

  • 18000Watt Solar Modules [10Year Guarantee, 25Year 80% Yield]
  • 96 x 1380Amp hour 2V Cells with take-off leads, battery floats, log book, distilled water x 20L drum, interconnecting cables and hydrometer [1Year Guarantee, 10-15Year Lifespan]
  • 4 x 85Amp MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) [5Year Manufacturer Guarantee]
  • 1 x Victron BMV700 Precision Battery Monitor  [5Year Manufacturer Guarantee]
  • Victron Blue Power Color Control GX [5Year Manufacturer Guarantee]
  • 2 x 10Kw 48V 140 Victron Quattro Inverter/Charger  [5Year Manufacturer Guarantee]
  • System Programming and Maintenance/Owner Training

Backed by many years of residential and commercial solar system design and installations throughout Africa and a huge range of innovative and well-tested products, Specialized Solar Systems is a leader in solar energy solutions industry and can confidently offer homeowner’s the added security and peace of mind,  that we will design and install a solar energy system to fulfil almost any energy requirement.

Our in-house experts will advise you about all the available solar solutions options to cater for your needs and custom design a solar solution with our propriety software giving you a complete overview of system design performance, installation costs, timeframes, capitalization and/or return on investment information all backed up by our legendary support team.

With the latest solar energy monitoring systems, you’ll be able to check the energy status of your battery, how much energy has been produced, and how much you are consuming. Be in complete control and manage your energy at the maximum efficiency.

All Specialized Solar Systems energy systems have the ability to be upgraded in peak and daily energy yield capacity.

Off-grid power systems supply electricity to properties that are not connected to the public electricity network. These systems are independent power stations capable of powering a wide range of applications with dependable and reliable electricity that is no different to that supplied by the national electricity grid. Whether it be for a small or large new or existing home, a station, business or an entire community that depends on large diesel generators, off-grid stand-alone power systems are commonly the reliable, clean, hassle-free, cost-competitive answer!

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Below are selections of our most popular, complete and proven residential or domestic off-grid solar systems with different sizing options by Specialized Solar Systems. This selection of off-grid solar systems should give our customers a good overview of all the equipment used with explanations to help assist you with your off-grid solar energy generation planning.

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