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3kW Solar Water Pump System Installation

A 3kW AC solar water pump system was recently installed in Prince Albert. The 3kW borehole (submersible) solar water pump is powered by a 4kW VSD (variable speed drive) system delivering variable AC power from 5 565 Watts array of PV solar modules.

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(2010) African Game Lodge Off-Grid Installation

NATURE POWERED BY NATURE African Game Lodge, having no grid-support made use of SSS (Specialized Solar Systems) off-grid energy consultants to advise on energy efficiency and some practical sustainable solutions for this large animal release rehabilitation...

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101 kWp Grid-Tie solar system

Geelhoutboom 101 kWp Grid-Tie solar system Specialized Solar Systems installation team busy with the beginning stages of a large 101 kWp Grid-Tie solar system that will supplement the energy usage for the new upgraded blueberry pack house for the van...

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DC microgrid technology-Sedgefield

DC MICROGRID TECHNOLOGY IS THE ANSWER After 11 long years of waiting for electricity, Mfundiso Mabana is a happy man thanks to DC microgrid technology On Wednesday 16 November a miracle happened in Sedgefield. Not a major, thunder-flashing miracle...

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