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iShack Project, SSS Involvement – The Hardware

Specialized Solar Systems (SSS) Involvement in The iShack Project – The Hardware

Specialized Solar Systems (SSS) is primarily involved in supplying of all solar technologies to create a sustainable environment for The iShack Project managed by The Sustainability Institute Innovation, a division of the Sustainability Institute.

For the iShack Project, a baseline quick setup remotely managed DC micro-grid solar system was the requirement.

The DC Micro-grid SS20-75DC Managed System with selectable functionality, variable threshold settings, user interactivity and build in remote management features was used as the baseline system and has the following attributes as a DC Micro-grid:

  • The unit is not connected to conventional grid electricity supply and the DC micro-grid functions completely autonomously.
  • The DC energy produced by DC microgrids manufactured by Specialized Solar Systems provides independent DC electricity generation via PV cells at the installed location.
  • The produced energy is either used by DC efficient appliances and/or stored for future use in the system’s battery or batteries.
  • The DC energy-efficient appliances that are used with Specialized Solar Systems DC microgrids are either manufactured, outsourced or converted to DC power by Specialized Solar Systems to improve system efficiencies and test durability.
  • The ability to isolate a DC micro-grid from a larger network provides highly reliable and efficient DC electric energy.

The baseline DC Micro-grid SS20-75DC Managed System DC Micro-grid unit used in the iShack Project includes the following components:

  • SS20 Smart DB Box
  • Radio output
  • Cell phone charging
  • Lighting outputs,
  • 20A fusing
  • Interactive LCD screen
  • Tamper-proof design
  • 1 X 12VDC Outlet plug box
  • 105A/H battery
  • Remote management technology
  • The SS20-75DC baseline system also features upgradeable options to accommodate future energy requirements.

The baseline DC appliances supplied by SSS with the SS20DC75 Managed DC Micro-grid for the iShack Project are:

  • 2 X 3W Interior lights (LED new generation)
  • E27 Fittings and lampshades
  • 3 X Light ON/OFF switches
  • 1 X External 54 LED spotlight
  • 1 X 75W Prime crystalline solar panel
  • 1 X Galvanized solar panel mounting frame (roof & floor mount)
  • 1 X 105A/H Deep cycle battery
  • 1 X Stainless steel battery box (tamper proof)
  • 20m X 0.75mm Cabtyre cable
  • 4m X 2.5mm Solar module cable
  • 1 X LED 39cm Colour TV (Optional)

iShack Project, Specialized Solar Systems


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