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SSS Involvement – The Hardware

Specialized Solar Systems (SSS) Involvement in The iShack Project – The Hardware

Specialized Solar Systems (SSS) is primarily involved in supplying of all solar technologies to create a sustainable environment for The iShack Project managed by The Sustainability Institute Innovation, a division of the Sustainability Institute.

For the iShack Project, a baseline quick setup remotely managed DC micro-grid solar system was the requirement.

The DC Micro-grid SS20-75DC Managed System with selectable functionality, variable threshold settings, user interactivity and build in remote management features was used as the baseline system and has the following attributes as a DC Micro-grid:

  • The unit is not connected to conventional grid electricity supply and the DC micro-grid functions completely autonomously.
  • The DC energy produced by DC micro-grid’s manufactured by Specialized Solar Systems provides independent DC electricity generation via PV cells at the installed location.
  • The produced energy is either used by DC efficient appliances and/or stored for future use in the system’s battery or batteries.
  • The DC energy efficient appliances that are used with Specialized Solar Systems DC micro-grid’s are either manufactured, outsourced or converted to DC power by Specialized Solar Systems to improve system efficiencies and test durability.
  • The ability to isolate a DC micro-grid from a larger network provides highly reliable and efficient DC electric energy.

The baseline DC Micro-grid SS20-75DC Managed System DC Micro-grid unit used in the iShack Project includes the following components:

  • SS20 Smart DB Box
  • Radio output
  • Cell phone charging
  • Lighting outputs,
  • 20A fusing
  • Interactive LCD screen
  • Tamper proof design
  • 1 X 12VDC Outlet plug box
  • 105A/H battery
  • Remote management technology
  • The SS20-75DC baseline system also features upgradeable options to accommodate future energy requirements.

The baseline DC appliances supplied by SSS with the SS20DC75 Managed DC Micro-grid for the iShack Project are:

  • 2 X 3W Interior lights (LED new generation)
  • E27 Fittings and lampshades
  • 3 X Light ON/OFF switches
  • 1 X External 54 LED spotlight
  • 1 X 75W Prime crystalline solar panel
  • 1 X Galvanized solar panel mounting frame (roof & floor mount)
  • 1 X 105A/H Deep cycle battery
  • 1 X Stainless steel battery box (tamper proof)
  • 20m X 0.75mm Cabtyre cable
  • 4m X 2.5mm Solar module cable
  • 1 X LED 39cm Colour TV (Optional)


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