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SSS-EPOWER – Web-based DC Micro-grid System Management Utility

Specialized Solar Systems (SSS) Involvement in The iShack Project – System Management

Specialized Solar Systems (SSS) is primarily involved in supplying of all solar technologies to create a sustainable environment for The iShack Project managed by The Sustainability Institute Innovation, a division of the Sustainability Institute.

An Online Off-grid Energy Utility – SSS-EPOWER – used in the iShack Project and many other off-grid projects by Specialized Solar Systems for remote management of renewable energy.

From Specialized Solar Systems vision statement ‘To light up Africa and Empower Her People with Renewable Energy’ an online micro-grid management utility, SSS-EPOWER was born. The utility is a ‘world first’ off-grid energy management utility that provides a remotely accessible web-based database with all the necessary tools for sustainable off-grid energy management.

Some of the comprehensive online system features include:

  • Remotely accessible centralized online management.
  • Secure dedicated fast cloud servers.
  • Macro and micro energy management.
  • User-defined remote energy system switching.
  • Consumer system management and documenting.
  • Automatic and varied debiting system.
  • Pay as You Go and contract payment packages.
  • P.O.S. remote wallet vendor management.
  • Comprehensive reporting and history.
  • Accurate GPS stock allocation.
  • Multi-level user control.
  • Detailed audit trail logging.

For the iShack Project the solar energy management utility, SSS-EPOWER, is indispensable and used extensively in their daily operations. Using a pay-for-energy-usage business model, the end-users have defined payment packages with periodic billing which takes place with remote system switching (ON; OFF; WARNING) all done automatically after setup.

Payment allocations, detailed system information, stock allocating via accurate GPS map overlay and user data are all stored on secure cloud servers with varied security-level multi-user access control, comprehensive audit trailing and detailed reporting – are some of the features that are available on the SSS-EPOWER solar energy management utility platform.

SSS’s Online Management Utility System provides the following functionality:

1. Remote system control via GSM technologies of DB Boxes that includes switching of systems

  • Warning
  • Off
  • On
  • Automation of these functions

2. Comprehensive recordkeeping and administration of data

  • Client records
  • System records/accurate stock allocation via GPS
  • Payment/account history
  • Detailed audit trailing
  • Detailed reporting

3. Various debiting methods that include:

  • Definable month based contract payment packages
  • Definable Pay as you Go payment packages.
  • Definable Pay to Own payment packaged.
  • Automation of these functions

4. Tiered, multi-user security, and access control.

All user system interaction is logged to an audit trail
Users can be assigned privileges on all framework functions

5. POS/payment/receipting

  • Logging of payments/cashing up
  • Remote vendor management framework

B. The SSS Vendor application has the following functions:

  • As an accessible payment point for end-users.
  • Vendors are managed via wallet funding system.
  • POS transactional receipt printing with account history at the location of payment.
  • Detailed record keeping and logging.
  • Updating of client/system records functionality.

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