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Energydock offers consumers and businesses a complete energy solution that is cutting edge, compact and easy to install, offering you energy security and even independence from the National Grid Supply. Each unit is housed in a single, sleek wall mountable enclosure and can be used as an off-grid, grid-tie, hybrid or backup energy system – all you need to add is the solar panels!










Energydock was born out of the need for compact ‘plug and play’ energy systems that were easy to install (all units are pre-programmed in our factory, simplifying the installation process) and that would assist consumers to overcome loadshedding, the ever increasing cost of electricity and fulfil the need for energy security.

The Energydock units are modular, so you can ‘grow’ your energy system as your needs change or as your budget allows. Some units are PV ready (up to a recommended maximum), while the Premium Range can be adjusted to support a solar array large enough to match your energy requirements.  

All the Energydock systems are supported by lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO₄) batteries. These batteries have an expected cycle life greater than 3000 cycles at 90% DOD, making these energy systems viable long-term energy solutions.

The entire Energydock range are housed in sleek enclosures, eliminating any unsightly wires and cluttered components. This makes these systems ideal for residential and for commercial use – your home or office won’t look untidy after the installation. They may even compliment your décor scheme!




Interesting Fact

The Victron GX Colour Control allows for remote monitoring (and management) from anywhere, anytime. This means that Specialized Solar Systems’ technicians can monitor your Energydock system and help you achieve optimum performance and provide highly effective after sales support.


Storagedock is a range of compact lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO₄) energy storage solutions. These range in capacity from 640 Wh batteries housed in aluminum enclosures right up to our ES10K, which is an impressive 10240 Wh battery housed in a contemporary white enclosure. These batteries are modular and can be connected to the Energydock systems to increase the storage capacity of the units, if so required.

Each of these batteries has a built-in battery monitoring system (BMS) with a colour screen, making it easy to check the status of the unit. They are all pre-set in our factory for optimal performance and longevity, making them the ideal companion to the Energydock Range.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are more stable than traditional lithium ion batteries, making them safer to use in homes and offices. They are also more compact and have a cycle life of at least 3000 cycles. 

View the complete Storagedock range and find out more about each unit by clicking the button below.

Made in South Africa

Each ENERGYDOCK and STORAGEDOCK unit is pre-assembled in our factory in George in the Western Cape by our team of experts. We use only the best quality components to ensure that these energy systems offer our customers an excellent product with superior longevity, reliable warranties and exceptional after sales service. 

Some of these components include:

  • Victron Multiplus inverters (NERSA approved)

  • LiFePO4 batteries (stable batteries with exceptional cycle life)

  • Colour control GX device (allows for remote management and monitoring)

  • Victron MPPT’s (fast tracking)

  • All the required fuses, circuit breakers, earthing and wiring…

…all already pre-installed and pre-programmed for optimal performance and longevity, giving you a “fuss-free” single enclosure with everything neatly housed inside.

A Solar Solution for Everyone

Not too sure which Energydock Range will best suit your needs? Below is a quick guide, based on your requirements and budget. And don’t forget – the entire Energydock Range is modular, so if you need to increase the size of your initial energy system, no problem – simply add another battery to your system, or another MPPT for more solar panels.  But just remember that whatever you add should ideally be the same size as the original component – that way they can simply be connected in series, giving you the extra capacity you need,

Need a compact home or office UPS on a small budget?

The Energydock UPS Range are purely for backup, and are ideal to use at home or in a small office during load shedding. Although all the other Energydock units can be used as backup, these are the most affordable units as they function as a highly effective UPS only. They are also much smaller and more compact than the other Energydock units – you could even put one on your desk if you prefer. They have two USB outputs as well as a standard plug point and an AC input point. An added bonus is that it has an DC input too. 

Have a small home in a rural area with no national grid supply?

Need a small energy system with a solar panel or two? Or perhaps you live in an area where there is no electricity at all and want to run some lights, a TV and a fridge? The DC range is your solution – these units are ideal for small houses and don’t need an AC connection but use solar panels to generate enough power for lights, TV, cell charger and even a small fridge. Each unit has a reliable battery so that energy generated during the day can be used at night time. If you need to increase the storage capacity, simply connect another battery of the same size.

Looking for a portable off-grid energy system for camping?

Econo Range Levels 1 and 2 are great for camping as they are PV ready, or can be plugged into an AC connection to charge the battery. They are light enough to take with you on camping trips or leisure activities and have a carry handle on top. Solar panels are easy to connect – simply plug in the connectors and you have an off-grid energy system that can utilize energy as its generated, or store it in the lithium iron phosphate batteries for use later on. 

Looking for a small and affordable energy system to save on electricity costs?

If you are wanting to install a small energy system to save on energy costs as well as act as a backup at home, or even at the office, then you should consider the Econo Range. These systems are PV ready and have a built-in MPPT. They can be used as backup systems, off-grid systems and even hybrid systems, up to 5 kVA. They have a high frequency inverter installed, making them more affordable than their Victron counterparts, but certainly no less effective.

Send us a quick email to find out more about these units…

Need a backup system for your home or office that can run larger appliances and equipment during load shedding?

The Standard Range is ideal for running larger appliances and office equipment during load shedding. These units are also PV ready (up to a limit, depending on which level you select) so they can be used to generate energy too, and the extra energy can be stored in the 2.56 kWh / 5.12 kWh battery for use later when needed. 

Looking for a system that can produce your day-time energy requirements to save on electricity costs?

The Standard Range can also be used as grid-tie energy systems. The system will supply the energy generated during the day by the solar panels directly to your load , thus saving on municipal or Eskom electricity costs. The added bonus is that the system can also be used as a backup, should the grid fail.

Send us a quick email to find out more about these units…

Need a larger backup system for your commercial premises?

The Premium Range is ideal as a commercial backup system. These units are fitted with Victron inverters and the larger units have a Victron GX colour control, which allows remote monitoring. This means that you can keep an eye on the status of your energy system, even over weekends or when your business is closed.

If your commercial premises operates on the three phase system, not to worry – we also have a three phase Energydock Range.

Looking for a larger hybrid energy system for your home or office?

The higher levels of the Premium Range are capable of running all your home appliances. This means that they are ideal to use as a complete backup system for your home, or office, and you will no longer notice the inconvenience of load shedding. You can also add solar panels to these systems so that they can generate energy during the day. The energy that isn’t consumed by your load during the day will be stored in the lithium iron battery for use at a later stage.

Need a system that can take your home (or small business) off-grid?

The Premium Range can also be used as an off-grid energy system. There is no limit to the number of solar panels that can be added. Should you require a large amount of energy to be generated, the size of the MPPT can be selected to accommodate your load. If you energy needs increase, a second MPPT can be added, and even extra storage can be added if required.

Send us a quick email to find out more about these units…

Should you wish to increase the storage capacity of your Energydock system at a later stage, simply add one of our Storagedock options to the system. As your budget improves or your energy requirements increase, more batteries of the same size can be added.  


If you are still not certain which Energydock Range will best suit your needs, complete our enquiry form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Product Range

The Energydock product range takes the guess-work out of the technical system design and all our energy systems are pre-programmed for optimal performance and  longevity. Not only are the systems sleek and contemporary, they are also modular in design and can ‘grow’ with your energy needs. 


There are two products in the DC Range – one with a lead acid battery and the other with a 640Wh LiFePO₄ battery (with a modular application) or a 1280Wh battery. Both units have MC4 connectors for easy solar panel installation, a dual USB cell phone charger as well as short circuit protection and current limiter function. These energy systems are PV ready and are safe and easy to install.


The four Levels in the new Econo Range are fitted with high frequency inverters (from 1kVA to 5.6kVA) and LiFePO₄ batteries (from 1280Wh to 5120Wh). Each system also has a MPPT installed, making these energy systems PV ready (from 500Wp to 4000Wp). The Econo Range energy systems can be applied as backup, hybrid or off-grid systems in your home or for leisure activities.


There are three Levels in the Standard Range, each with a low frequency Victron EasySolar II inverter (3kVA and 5kVA) and a LiFePO₄ battery (2560Wh and 5120Wh). Level 1 and Level 2 are PV ready up to a maximum of 3200 Wp and Level 3 is PV ready up to a maximum of 4800 Wp .  The Standard Range can be applied as backup, hybrid, grid-tie or off -grid systems for your home or business.


The five Levels in the Premium Range have low frequency Victron inverters (from 0.5kVA to 5kVA) and LiFePO₄ batteries (from 1280Wh to 10240Wh). Although this range is not PV ready, adding our DC Attachment unit allows you to connect solar panels to match your load requirements, making these systems ideal as backup, hybrid and off-grid energy devices.

Energydock product overview 1


Each of the two Levels in the 3 Phase Range have three low frequency Victron inverters (1.6 kVA and 3 kVA) and a 7680 kWh LiFePO₄ battery. These energy systems can be applied as backup and hybrid units on 3 phase grid supply lines, or with the addition of our DC Attachment unit, as off-grid devices as well.


The 48V LiFePO₄ batteries in the Storagedock Range are housed in a contemporary matt white aluminum enclosures, with a colour screen BMS for battery monitoring. They are available in four different capacities: 2560Wh, 4000Wh, 5120Wh and 10240Wh.


There are four different 12V batteries in this LiFePO₄ battery range (640 Wh to 1920 Wh) and three 24V batteries (1280 Wh to 5120 Wh). The battery cells are housed in a neat and compact aluminum enclosure and can be monitored on the BMS colour touch screen.


If there is anything else that you would like to know – more details on a certain product, which product will work best in your home or office, prices or where to find  a distributor near you (or even if you just want to say hello),  please click this ‘Contact Us’ button, and we’ll do our very best to assist you further. 

Energydock product overview 2

If you’d like to read the Energydock Company Profile, you’ll find it here…

Miena BesterMiena Bester
07:12 10 Jun 22
Excellent service, great system. Thank you Bobby and team. You are awesome!
Tulz MTulz M
20:33 12 Dec 20
I used the Gauteng supplier, Approved Solar Systems, and I truly appreciate the professionalism showed by the team. They consulted on my needs and answered all of my questions. The turn around was really fast. Most importantly they were warm and friendly to deal with. The positive experience was worth every penny. Thanks for an amazing's a lost art these days.
Ronel PieterseRonel Pieterse
15:04 05 Nov 20
Professional, knowledgable, on time. I appreciated the attention to detail and answering my endless questions and requests to quote. With so many solar charlatans out there these days; this is one company you can trust!
lukas du preezlukas du preez
07:08 14 Oct 19
I was very satisfied with the professionalism and quality of the service provided by SSS at my home in Welgelegen George, installing a solar system.To put the cherry on top, I was informed by SSS about 2 weeks after the job was finished and paid for, that I have overpaid them by R32000 and that they would refund me! I was not aware of this and they could have kept quiet and I would never have known. This reflects great business ethics and I can really recommend these guys!
Martiens PrinslooMartiens Prinsloo
09:49 20 May 19
I've been investigating a solar solution for our house in Randburg for the past 5 years. From all the interaction I had with various companies SSS is by far the most professional. They are the only company that was willing to do a decent study of our power usage before making a recommendation of what is needed. The level of service I received was world class. The CEO was actually interacting with me directly via phone and e-mail and explaining everything in a way I can understand. Thank you for time Jonathan! You and your team really showed what service is all about. The installation is very neat and I can already see a huge reduction in my grid consumption. No need to stress about load shedding anymore.
Des MullerDes Muller
08:53 04 Mar 15
I like when people know their stuff and are not too wrapped up in their expertise to spend time with those who are not so knowledgeable to explain things. I had a good experience and liked the calm confidence the staff projects.
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