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BOSCO Edenvale 120kWh/60kVA Back-up System

120KWH/60KVA BOSCO Back-up and Peak Shaving System

12 x Redflow ZBM 2 (240kg – 10kWh per battery) batteries in conjunction with 6 x 10KVA Victron Inverter Chargers, ( 20KVA Per Phase)were installed at BOSCO printed circuits to assist with load shedding and also peak shaving in Edenvale, Gauteng Province, South Africa. The Victron energy system will be running a Hub2 System with 3x 17KVA SMA Grid-tie Inverters connected to the output of the Victron Quattro inverters.

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Redflow, 12 ZBM batteries depart for Bosco

12 Redflow ZBM 10Kw/hours flow batteries depart for Bosco Printed Circuits in Gauteng

Images of Redflow ZBM batteries that are used to power Specialized Solar Systems centralized solar energy systems to be delivered to Bosco Printed Circuits in Gauteng, South Africa. The crew at SSS also tested the electric pulley and carrying apparatus that was built specially to load the 240Kg batteries into the centralized energy supply unit.

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