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SSS-EPOWER Platform functionality presentation

Managed solar energy and your clients, anywhere

A Specialized Solar Systems presentation to show the various functions available on the SSS-EPOWER. 

SSS-EPOWER is Specialized Solar Systems web-based,  utility-type DC metered solar system, end-user, and vendor integrated solar management solution platform.  A world first, the platform is now used extensively in many off-grid solar electrification projects where remote system management and on the ground management rely on its real-time online information and billing automation for their clients and allows for comprehensive system solar system management. The platform provides many features such as automated billing and switching and is used to manage intelligent off-grid DC Microgrids with metering.

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DC microgrid technology-Sedgefield


After 11 long years of waiting for electricity, Mfundiso Mabana is a happy man thanks to DC microgrid technology

On Wednesday 16 November a miracle happened in Sedgefield. Not a major, thunder-flashing miracle that would make national headlines, in fact, many folks might not consider it a miracle at all.  But it was to Goodman Mbana and his family.

It was the miracle of light.

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Sedgefield, DSTV in an Informal Home in Smutsville

Sophia is a grandmother who has been living in an informal dwelling in the Gaaitjie settlement in Smutsville in Sedgefield, for almost 20 years.  Gaaitjie is located on an old dump-site and the Department of Water Affairs won’t approve formalization of the area because of concerns regarding sinkholes and potential methane gas release.  In the meantime, over 120 households in the settlement share 5 communal toilets and 2 taps.  Sophia used to run a generator for lighting and TV, but that became too expensive with the increases in the petrol price, and she had reverted to using candles and paraffin lamps for lighting, and doing without TV.

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Training and Installation, SS20 DC Microgrids

Matatiele Eastern Cape Training and Installation of the SS20 DC Microgrid

Training for,  and the installation of the Specialized Solar Systems off-grid SS20 DC Microgrid systems in the Eastern Cape for a concession holder. The purpose is to electrify and energize the rural villages in the Eastern Cape of South Africa that will most likely not have access to the national grid electricity in the foreseeable future.

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Sedgefield Community Development Program

In Barkly’s West near Sedgefield, the Garden Route South Africa, two people occupying a tiny dark shack for many years lives just changed dramatically with the arrival and quick installation of the first SSS DC micro-grid system in the area – a gift of light and a real blessing from Specialized Solar Systems.

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DC Microgrid Vryheid KZN

1000 SS20 off-grid DC Microgrids installed

Our passion, empowering the disadvantaged, by using clean solar energy as a driver for equality acceleration.

1000 Specialized Solar Systems off-grid SS20 solar DC Microgrids are now being installed on behalf of the South African Department of Energy(DOE), in terms of their Rural Electrification Project in Oudtshoorn, South Africa.

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