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1000 SS20 off-grid DC Microgrids installed

Our passion, empowering the disadvantaged, by using clean solar energy as a driver for equality acceleration.

1000 Specialized Solar Systems off-grid SS20 solar DC Microgrids are now being installed on behalf of the South African Department of Energy(DOE), in terms of their Rural Electrification Project in Oudtshoorn, South Africa.

The project began with an initial meeting with key players in the area. Individuals were then selected from their communities followed by training in all aspects of solar system installation and maintenance protocols by a team from Specialized Solar Systems.  Once the training was completed, the trained individuals received certificates of competence for their newly acquired skills. Teams were then formed and the installation roll-out began with the installers receiving completion-based payment wages.

To date, 400 units have been completed. Once all the installations are completed, the solar systems maintenance protocols will be managed using the top performing individuals who also reside within these communities. The local occupants are at last receiving much needed basic energy for lighting and cell phone charging. Prior to this project, Specialized Solar Systems has completed 660 SS20 DC Microgrids in the same area also on behalf of the Department of Energy.

The project is making use of the very popular modular designed solar-powered SS20 DC-microgrid produced by Specialized Solar Systems. The SS20 DC-microgrid can power many other DC appliances such as a TV, radio and even a fridge.

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