SSS-EPOWER Online utility-based solar energy management

SSS-EPOWER is an online solar energy managment platform.


Managed Solar Energy Supply

The use of solar energy production as a primary source of electrification for large-scale and diverse demographic coverage is the culmination of many years of product development at Specialized Solar Systems.  This has lead to the formation of an integrated solar energy supply solution. A world first utility-based solar solution is available that provides all the necessary tools in an easy to use, tiered-user, an online framework for sustainable and remotely managed energy supply.

This integrated solution is used extensively in many off-grid electrification projects where remote system management and on the ground management rely on real-time data for client and system management.


Main features:

  • Solar system management with remote switching
  • User administration and management
  • A variety of automated billing options
  • Vendor payment facilitation and management
  • Stock control with system logistics
  • Advance security features
  • End-user interaction
  • Detailed reporting and systems overview
  • Audit trail system and user logging

Based on a pay-for-energy-usage business model, the integrated solution provides the tools to confidently supply much needed and environmentally friendly solar generated electrical energy at utility scale to a massive market with a variety of end user billing options. The skills required to implement an energy supply eco-environment with vendor outlets (point of sales) requires little training. The remotely managed smart solar systems hardware will fully operate in any environment where there is cell phone coverage. The platform allows each individual system to be recorded per GPS coordinates. It records and stores all the data relating to the customer, the hardware, the system status (ON/WARNING /OFF) as well as the payment package and procedure of each transaction. This will allow any layer of authority to log onto the cloud server and monitor what the position of the installations are and who has received them in real-time.

The vendor program allows for simple setup and effective management for energy purchases or point of sales. The vendor program interacts with the management program and allows the customers to pay for the contracted value at a convenient location accessible to them.
This location or vendor payment point could be a fish and chips shop, hardware store or even a private house. For the customer, the payment terms are prepaid resulting in a risk-free strategy for the micro-utility or owner of the hardware. A vendor also requires funds in their account in order to be able to make sales. This is all efficiently managed in the management program via a wallet system function. The vendor program communicates in real-time with the management program and uses payment information to activate or deactivate the customers’ systems remotely.

The third cloud-based program is linked to both the management platform and the vendor platform. This gateway allows the customer to be registered, to be notified via email or SMS and to log into their own user dashboard which provides them with real-time system data that includes the status of their solar energy system, their payment history and support mechanism for their energy profile.

Efficient setup and implementation protocols have been at the foundation of the management programs development. The skills now required to implement a completely automated off-grid solar energy supply environment with vendor outlets (point of sales) can be acquired with very little training.

Introduction to SSS Energy Solutions PDF