Optidrive Solar Pumping


  Dedicated AC Drive for pumping applications isolated from the commercial grid using photovoltaic arrays (PV)

Watering, irrigation, agriculture, swimming pools, water supplies, water treatment, and others.

Key Features:

  • Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm continuously adapts the system load for maximum system output power under varying conditions of irradiance and temperature. MPPT is the best choice for getting the maximum pumping delivery from your PV array under all conditions.
  • Extended DC operative voltage range, 345 – 800Vdc HV, 185 – 410Vdc LV which increases the system operational time per day and reducing unnecessary stoppages caused by the low array voltages present during dawn and dusk.
  • Advanced PI set up built-in dual PI set point, dead-band, and PI transition error, creating very stable system control that responds slowly to small changes in irradiance but responds quickly to large changes in solar irradiance.
  • Advanced pump protection functions, dry run protection, pipe-burst detection, pump clean function, and pump stir function. These protection functions are designed for a reliable system whilst reducing the risk of damage to the
  • Pipe-Fill function allows a configurable period for the pipe to fill slowly before operating normally and pipe-burst detection can be
  • Remote monitoring. All data can be accessed using Modbus RTU or CANopen communications on board or Ethernet pluggable option
  • 3 different methods for PID Sleep and wake up. An optional external irradiance sensor could be selected to re-start the pump when sufficient energy is available from the
  • Dual supply mode. The P2 Solar pump can be powered by a DC voltage coming from PV arrays or the traditional commercial
  • PLC integrated to customize the more demanding applications where the user may need to control, for example, valve actuators or monitor system water pressure to stop the drive above defined limits. The onboard PLC provides a high degree of
  • Compatibility with all types of motors, the P2 Solar Pump is compatible with AC induction motors, Permanent Magnet (PM) motors, Synchronous Reluctance (SynRM) motors, Brushless DC (BLDC)
  • Digital inputs for tank high water level and well low water detection, forcing the drive to stop when the destination tank is full, or the water well is empty.
  • Second analog input for pressure monitoring, this can be used just to monitor system pressure locally or remotely or to stop the pump if the water pressure exceeds a configured
  • Irradiance level can be monitored on the drive display
  • Optional Sine-Wave filters
  • Available in different IP enclosures IP20, IP55, IP66