DC Solar Submersible Pumps

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  • 3″ OMEGA DC Submersible Pump & Motor
  • OMEGA Intelligent Pump Controller
  • 2 X A-Grade Poly-Crystalline Solar Panels
  • 5m Silicon Cabling & Adapters
  • 50m/70m/90m Nylon Rope
  • 50m/70m/90m Submersible 4-Core Cabling
  • Splicing Kit
  • Compression Couplings
  • Base Plate

Solar Inverters Features:

Adopting the proposed dynamic maximum power point tracking (MPPT) control method; Fast response and stable operation; Better than the conventional methods which may lead to the problems including poor tracking performances or even cause water hammer damaging when the irradiation on the array changes rapidly. Digital control; automatic operation and data acquisition/storage of 8 years, etc. 98% of conversion efficiency, and complete protection. In-line blocks; user-friendly; convenient for operating; perfect cooling and shielding.