The Stand Alone Battalion Street Light


The Stand-Alone Battalion Light from Specialized Solar Systems is a Freestanding Security Light that provides a high-powered spread of light up to 100m x 30m for security and many other applications for your home or business. This light will save you money on your electric bill as well.

The Stand-Alone Battalion Light turns ON/OFF automatically with variable timing functions:
a. Day/Night Auto – On/off
b. Day/Night Auto On – Timed off
c. Day/Night Auto On – Timed off – Reactivated and day off

This dependable, top-rated, and easy-to-install, stand-alone floodlight has a wide range of applications and is perfect for illuminating large arrears such as walkways, driveways, garages, decks, sheds, and more.

Installation of the Stand-Alone Battalion Light is an easy Do-It-Yourself project. That’s because it is very simple to install – there are no wires, no electricity needed, and no operational costs. The basic set-up is to mount the Stand-Alone Battalion Light in a sunny location by the desired area you would like to ligh and the sun’s rays do the rest!

This solar floodlight is an ideal and smart choice. It adds a sense of security to your home or business that will go a long way in intimidating would be thieves, plus fending off intruders and possible attackers.

Lux Levels     
2m, 0° Angle 2760 LUX
2m , 300mm from 0° Angle 1280 LUX
2m, 600mm from 0° Angle 570 LUXof the unit.

Calculations on 12Hour Night burn time, the following is applicable:
a. The panel supplies the same amount of energy per day as the light will use in twelve hours
b. The battery only cycles at 14% of total capacity ensuring for longevity of battery lifespan.
c. The battery has sufficient storage for 6days of usage without charge.