10kVA 4.950kWp-27kWhr per day with LiFePO4 11kWhrs 80% DOD battery grid-interactive hybrid system

Specialized Solar Systems popular mid-level 5kVA 12kWhrs per day with Lithium Iron Phosphate 4kWhrs Grid-Interactive Hybrid Solar System. Generating a daily average of 12kWhrs with a battery storage that supports 4kWhrs of daily electrical energy usage.


Residential Complete Grid-Interactive Hybrid System 10kVA 4.950kWp-27kWhr per day with LiFePO4 11kWhrs 80% DOD battery 

This complete Grid-Interactive Hybrid Solar System has been specially designed by Specialized Solar Systems. The solar system will reliably supply our customers with a daily average of 27kWhs of solar-generated electrical energy per day from the solar panel array.

A Grid-Interactive hybrid solar system intelligently gives you the best of both worlds with the added convenience of a grid-connected system including the ability to earn Feed-In-Tariff Credits (if your municipality allows) and the added security of a battery backup.  This means that you should always have electricity, even during power outages, during bad patches of weather,  or if your energy demand exceeds your solar systems energy delivery capacity. For more information about Residential Complete Grid-Interactive Hybrid Solar System please view over here

The Complete Grid-Interactive Hybrid System 10KVA 27kWhr day  includes the following equipment:

  • 15 x 330Watt Solar Modules                                                                           [10Year manufacturer guarantee, 25year 80% yield]
  • Rail Mount Framework for standard roof type
  • 1 x Freedom Lite 300AH 48V – Usable 11kWhrs @ 80% DOD               [10Year Manufacturer Guarantee]
  • 1 x 150/100Amp MPPT – TR (Maximum Power Point Tracker)              [5Year Manufacturer Guarantee]
  • DC Db with Surge Protection, Breakers and Cabling
  • 2 x 5KV 48V 70 Victron Multiplus II Inverter/Charger                           [5Year Manufacturer Guarantee]
  • 1 x Color Control GX, VE Direct Cables, Wi-Fi Dongle and SD Card    [5Year Manufacturer Guarantee]
  • System Programming and Maintenance/Owner Training                      [1Year Workmanship Guarantee]
  • AC Sub Db, Surge Protection, Change-Over, LED Indicators and Preassembled Back Board
  • Installation Costs, Travel and Consumables                                              [1Year Workmanship Guarantee]

Please note: When requesting a quote or if you require expert help with choosing the correct Hybrid Solar System from Specialized Solar Systems, customers should please include the location where you plan to install your Hybrid Solar Energy System.


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