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Concentrate more on your swing and less time charging your golf cart’s battery !

Golf cart storage solution by Specialized Solar Systems

A customer bought in their golf card with the hope of having a more permanent and powerful storage solution. Keeping with Specialized Solar Systems (SSS) mission of providing application specific energy solutions and the fact that SSS now build their own storage solutions, we were up to the task.

Jonathan Hodgson (SSS CEO) decided that a powerful 5kWh battery be used allowing for accurate logging of the golf cart’s energy usage over the next couple of weeks. From this data SSS will be able to develop a permanent and robust golf cart storage solution using LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery – watch this space!

With a smile on his face and always up to an energy related challenge, Jonathan commented; “Our LiFePO4 battery solutions will soon have many golfers driving the golf course like a pro” .

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