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Still Bay Koch Off-grid Installation

Another Specialzed Solar Systems (SSS) off-grid solar powered system installation: a 5kw/6kw system with 8x180w panels, 12x 600 A\H batteries, 60 amp MPPT.

Western Cape, Still Bay, South Africa

This installation was done just outside Still Bay in the Western Cape.

The installation is an off-grid 6kW system using a 5kW Victron inverter and 8 x 180Wp solar PV panels. The system also incorporated an old 3kVA Lister generator as back-up.

It took just 5 hours to install the system from start to finish using a 3-man team. The total cost was just over R80 000.

The house is a large 3-bedroom house with a variety of pressure pumps. The client has no Eskom power on the farm.

For more info on how alternative energy can help you by saving money and the planet, or to build a system like this, please contact Anton at

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